[Register Now! ] „TEPPEN NEW YEAR TOURNAMENT 2021″ event!(specific language only)

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As the first official prize tournament in 2021,We will host an online competition called „TEPPEN NEW YEAR TOURNAMENT 2021“ by 16 people!
This tournament is linked with „TEPPEN NEW YEAR CUP 2021“, which has already been held in game,and players who finished with top rankings will be given priority to participate.

Prize Pool Winner ¥100,000
2nd place ¥50,000
3rd place ¥20,000
Entry period 25 Jan. 2021, 9:00 (UTC) – 29 Jan. 2021, 7:59 (UTC)
Date 14 Feb. 2021 (JST)
The Start time will be announced to the participants at a later date.
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We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.