About hosting the NEW YEAR TOURNAMENT 2021 (specific language only)

Letzte Aktualisierung : 5 Feb. 2021, 8:30 (UTC)

Veröffentlicht : 5 Feb. 2021, 8:30 (UTC)

We announced that the top ranking players from the NEW YEAR CUP 2021 would be prioritized to enter the NEW YEAR TOURNAMENT 2021, but there was a misunderstanding internally about the "top ranking.”
We found some participants were chosen differently from the initial plan.

We have adjusted the number of participants in this tournament from 16 to 18 to make sure players who were originally prioritized can participate in the tournament.
Also, there is no change for those who are already chosen to participate.

We will strengthen our internal communication and avoid this kind of issue in our upcoming TEPPEN World Champion Series 2021, and provide a tournament where everyone can feel at ease participating.

We would like to apologize for all the trouble this has caused the participants and to those who have signed up for this tournament.
We thank you for your continued support of TEPPEN.