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This article will explain about Tour Points in 2023.


1. What are Tour Points

Tour Points are cumulative points awarded based on your ranking in specific Ranked Matches for the year 2023.
Tour Points are added up throughout the year, and Emblems will be awarded based on the rankings.
The highest ranking players will be honored during TEPPEN AWARD 2023, scheduled for December!


2. How to obtain Tour Points

Tour Points are awarded based on your ranking in specific Ranked Matches.
Tour Points are reset in the following year.

Ranked Matches Where Tour Points Are Awarded
 Ranked Matches are held from March to September (7 times total)


* Ranked Matches will be held outside the above times as well. Tour points will not be given out during those times.


3. Awarded Tour Points

Ranked Matches
Climb through Ranked Matches and reach Champion Rank to join in the Rankings!
Receive the following amount of Tour Points based off of your final ranking place at the end of specified Ranked Match seasons.
Tour Points will be received once that Ranked Match season finishes and final ranking places are finalized.


Ranking Place Tour Points Rewards
1st 30pt
2nd and 3rd 26pt
4th – 6th 23pt
7th – 10th 20pt
11th – 15th 18pt
16th – 20th 16pt
21st – 30th 14pt
31st – 50th 12pt
51st – 100th 10pt
101 – 200 8pt
201 – 500 6pt
501 – 1000 4pt
1001 – 3000 2pt
3001 – 5000 1pt


4. How to view Tour Points

View the amount of Tour Points you currently have by going to Home Screen → Other → Profile.


5. Tour Points Rankings

Tour Points Rankings can be found by going to the Home Screen → Ranking → TOUR POINT.
* Rankings will not be visible while Tour Points are being calculated.

【If cumulative Tour Points are tied】
In the case of ties in Tour Points, the final ranking will be determined by the higher number in each of the following Ranked Match categories where Tour Points can be earned, in order: 1) number of Ranked Matches participated in, 2) average ranking, 3) most recent ranking.



Aim to save up Tour Points in daily battles to earn Emblems, and get honored in TEPPEN AWARD 2023!

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