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Point Match




What are Point Matches?

It’s a mode where you can acquire points from “Unlimited” format battles that allow you to use all card sets!

You can still get points even if you lose a Point Match, so try your hand at battles and earn points!

Point Matches can be accessed from Home → Battle → Point Match.

* If you lose due to surrendering or connection errors, you will not earn points.



Reach higher floors and get rewards!

In Point Match, you will climb 1 floor every time you earn a designated amount of points.
Reaching specified floors can get you rewards and make it easier for you to earn points. So aim to reach higher floors and make your way through battles!

* The points need to climb floors will be totaled from the points earned during the period.
* The floor you last reached will be reset for each held Point Match.



Aim for higher floors and the highest of ranks!

Point Match will also have a ranking list where you can compete to see who will reach the highest floor!
Those at the top of the ranks will obtain rewards, so aim for those top prizes!




Exchange points and get items and cards!

Points earned from Point Matches can be exchanged in the Reward Exchange for items and cards!

Points can be exchanged by going to Home → Battle → Point Match → Reward Exchange.
Exchange the points you gathered for the items and cards you want!

However! Exchanging your earned points for items and cards can only be done at the Reward Exchange during certain periods.
For example, points earned from Point Matches held in September can only be used in September’s Reward Exchange.

Further, points will be erased once past the exchange period, so watch out for that!

What are Supplemental Cards?

Cards that cannot be obtained from card packs are called Supplemental Cards!
You can find them in the Reward Exchange and Soul Shop, so make sure to get your hands on them and put them in your deck!

■ When Supplemental Cards Will Be Added

Reward Exchange
To go along with the changing of Point Match seasons, 1 new Supplemental Card will be added each month.

* They will be distributed as an exchangeable item every month following the month it is added.
For example, a Supplemental Card that was added in August can be exchanged in the September Point Match Reward Exchange as well as the months following it.

Soul Shop
Different types of Supplemental Cards will be added roughly 1 month after a new pack is available.
* There are no expiration dates for purchases.

Click here for more details about the Soul Shop.
* Methods to obtain Supplemental Cards may be changed at a later date.





Obtain points from bonuses!

In Point Match, the more points you earn the higher the floor you’ll reach and the more rewards you’ll get!
You want to be able to score as many points as possible and gain the lead over your competitors in the rankings, right?

That’s where the “Action Bonus” and “EX BONUS” that are necessary for you to more effectively earn points come in.

Action Bonus

Action Bonus, a system where you can earn additional points from actions done while battling in Point Matches!
Building a deck that will make it easier to obtain a higher evaluation is the first step to earning points!

The details for the Action Bonus can be found by going to Home → Battle → Point Match → Action Bonus.

* Action Bonuses will be evaluated every battle and cannot be carried over to the next battle.


EX BONUS, a system that increases the number of points you can earn in your next battle at a certain rate when the battle ends!
If you get an EX BONUS, jump into another battle and rake in the points!



In addition to winning and losing, Action Bonus evaluations are also an important factor in Point Matches.
Make the best deck from the tons of cards available and jump into a battle!

Now go out there and have fun playing TEPPEN!

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