4th Anniversary Campaign! July Details Introduction ♪

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Special items are also planned for August! Look forward to it!
Learn more about the July items here (Opens a new page) >>

The Exchange Comes to Adventure!

The Exchange, where you can trade for decks with Relics and various other items, comes to Adventure!
Check back often, as more and more items will become available for exchange!

Get Pack Tickets!

Use the button below to share this page and you can get a Pack Ticket!
This time we're giving away a ticket that lets you pull a "4th Anniversary Pack 1," when it becomes available July 7, as an early present!
If you share the link before it becomes available, you'll have the chance to get the Extra Skin "Ruiner Felicia" ahead of everyone else!
Definitely don't miss out on this one ♪
Availability Period: Until July 31, 2023, 16:59 (PT) / July 31, 2023, 23:59 (UTC)
* When you share the page, a QR code to receive a Pack Ticket will display.
* Scan the QR Code and get a "4th Anniversary Pack 1" Pack Ticket by going to Other → Scan QR Code.
* The "4th Anniversary Pack 1" Pack Ticket will be sent to your Present Box.

Cautionary Notes

■ Notes Regarding Skin Pack Tickets
* The skins you can receive from the selection of skins only include those that you currently do not own and are chosen at random.
* If you currently own all of the skins in the selection, you will not be able to receive a new skin.

■ Notes Regarding Login Bonuses
* The date in TEPPEN changes every day at 0:00 (UTC).
* Login bonuses can be claimed by logging in after completing the tutorial.
* Login bonuses will be sent to the Present Box.
* Login bonuses can be claimed even if you don't continuously log into the game.

■ Notes Regarding Special Missions
* You can check missions via Home Screen → Missions → Special.

■ Notes Regarding Presents
* Login bonuses can be claimed by logging in after completing the tutorial.
* Received presents will be sent to the Present Box.
* Presents will be lost if not claimed within 30 days.

■ Notes Regarding the Season Pass
* Please check the season pass extras and period of validity before purchase.
* Season passes will become invalid past their period of validity, regardless of when they were purchased or the state of use.
* Season pass missions will be added in stages, but the total number of missions will not change regardless of when the season pass is purchased.
* Season pass missions must be completed after the season pass is purchased and the missions are added. Fulfilling their conditions prior to purchase or addition will not result in completion.

* Check in-game for more details.

  We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.