Heroes and Hero Arts

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This article will introduce Hero Arts, a big attraction of TEPPEN.
Hero Arts are special moves that will give you an advantage in battle when used at the right time.
The individual voices of heroes and their dynamic animations must be seen to be believed.


  • Hero Arts are character-specific special moves.
  • AP is required to perform Hero Arts.
  • AP accumulation is equivalent to MP spent.


1. Heroes

Heroes are characters that can be added to each deck.
Each hero has unique characteristics and special moves known as Hero Arts that can be used in battle.
The basic rule of battle is that the outcome is decided when a hero’s life is reduced to 0.


2. Hero Arts

Shinku Hadoken

Hero Arts are special moves that can be used once you’ve accumulated enough AP (Arts Points).
These arts possess various effects, such as the ability to inflict damage on enemy units or help protect allies.
Keep an eye on the flow of the battle and unleash your Hero Arts at the best possible time.



Only one Hero Art can added when creating a deck.
Each hero has three types of Hero Arts to choose from.


3. AP (Arts Points)


AP is required points to perform Hero Arts.
They are displayed on the bottom left corner of the battle screen, with the left side displaying accumulated AP and the right side displaying the AP required to perform the Hero Art.
The value in the upper right corner is how much AP your opponent Hero has.

AP accumulates as you spend the MP used to play Unit Cards and Action Cards.


Hero Art

An icon is displayed in the bottom right corner when you’ve accumulated the AP required to perform a Hero Art.
When you select a card, areas in which the card can be placed will glow blue.
Placing a card in a blue area will allow you to activate that card.

After performing a Hero Art, you must wait 15 seconds before playing another Arts Card.



Hero Arts, if their use is timed correctly, are an extremely important component of the game that can carry you to victory on the field of battle.
For example, to effectively use a Hero Art that inflicts seven damage on a single enemy unit, a player would want to target an enemy unit with high Attack or MP and avoid targeting units that are shielded.
Read this article carefully and learn how to make the most of your Hero Arts in battle.


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