Get hero skins and Music from the Soul Shop!

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The Soul Shop is Here in TEPPEN!


About the Soul Shop


About Items That Can Be Exchanged in the Soul Shop


What is the Soul Shop?

As the name suggests, the Soul Shop is a shop where you can get items like hero skins and Music for trading in Souls!

Exchange your collected Souls for items to further enjoy TEPPEN!

You can check out the Soul Shop by going to Home → Shop → Soul Shop.

Exchange Souls for items!

The Soul Shop is a shop where you can exchange Souls for various items.
If you find something you want on the list, select that item and trade in your Souls!

You can change the item list by selecting the categories of items you want to see from the menu on the left.

How to Get Souls

Having trouble getting the item you want from the Soul Shop because you don’t have enough Souls?
You can get Souls as login bonus and mission rewards and from reaping cards.

You can reap cards by going to Home → Card → Edit Deck or View/Reap/Craft Cards, selecting a card, and reaping it from the card details screen.
You can also reap excess cards that exceed the amount that can go in any given deck in one go via View/Reap/Craft Cards’ Reap All → Reap Extra.

Reap excess cards that exceed the amount that can go in any given deck or cards you don’t use to get souls!



There’s a lot of characters from various titles joining the fray in TEPPEN.
So many titles that you’ve played with friends, replayed many times, challenged and cleared despite dying so of times, and made fun memories with!

“Music” is an item that allows you to play the scores from those titles during TEPPEN battles!
You can give them a listen in the Soul Shop, so try finding your favorite score!

Music can be set by going to Select Battle BGM in Home → Other → Options.

Secret Sphere

I got a secret card but if I can only have three in a deck, I want them all to be the same!
We understand how you feel!

“Secret Sphere” is an item that allows you to craft secret cards!

If have one or more of the secret card you want more of, go to Home → Card → Edit Deck or View/Reap/Craft Cards, select the card, and use Secret Sphere from the card details screen to craft secret cards.

*You cannot craft basic cards in the Secret Sphere.
*You can only craft as many secret cards as can go in any given deck.
*The number of times Secret Sphere can be exchanged is limited. The number of exchanges will be reset after a certain amount of time.

Hero Skins

You can now exchange items in the Soul Shop to get the “Hero Skin” you’ve always wanted!

Please get your hands on your favorite hero’s skin!

*Learn more about hero skins here.

*Please check in-game to see the hero skin lineup.
*Hero skins you already have will not be shown on the Soul Shop list.

The Soul Shop has tons of intriguing items.
There’s times when there will be more stuff in there than the items listed in this guide, so make sure to check it frequently!

Now go out there and have fun playing TEPPEN!

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