Asia Release Commemorative Login Bonus!

Published :

Service has started in 11 regions in Asia with the Version 1.1 update!
A Release Commemorative Login Bonus is currently underway to commemorate the game’s release in Asia.

– Summary
Day 1: “CORE” Pack Ticket x 1
Day 2: 100 Zenny
Day 3: “CORE” Pack Ticket x 1
Day 4: 100 Zenny
Day 5: “CORE” Pack Ticket x 1

– Event Period
Please check the game to see the event period.

*Login bonuses can be received when logging in after completing the tutorial.
*Login bonuses will be sent to the Present Box.
*TEPPEN date changes occur every day at 0:00 (UTC).
*Login bonuses can be received even if you don’t continuously log into the game.

*Please click here to view which regions were added to services this time.

We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.