The Final Round of the “CORE” Grand Prix will be held!

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At last, the Final Round of the “CORE” Grand Prix is here!

The “CORE” Grand Prix is now being held!

The “CORE” Grand Prix is battle content held over the span of roughly two weeks.
Make yourself known and aim to be the best in the “CORE” Grand Prix by going from Home Screen >> Coliseum >> Grand Prix!

Only those who won 4 or more times in group A or 3 or more times in group B during the Second Round may participate in the Final Round.
For details on groups A and B, as well as the rewards earned in each group, please see About Grand Prix.

If you participate in the “CORE” Grand Prix, rewards will be distributed to you based on your highest ranking within each round.
If you advance to the Final Round, you can get a special ticket that can be redeemed for the next pack that will go on sale.
You are guaranteed to receive a Pack Ticket even if you don’t emerge victorious in your battles, so be sure to join in the fun!

First Round
8/19 14:00 (PT) ~ 8/24 13:59 (PT)
8/19 21:00 (UTC) ~ 8/24 20:59 (UTC)

Second Round
8/24 14:00 (PT) ~ 8/28 13:59 (PT)
8/24 21:00 (UTC) ~ 8/28 20:59 (UTC)

The Final Round is now!
8/28 14:00 (PT) ~ 8/31 13:59 (PT)
8/28 21:00 (UTC) ~ 8/31 20:59 (UTC)

*Players suspected of the following behaviors may be removed from the rankings.

  • Data falsification or use of malicious software.
  • Use of unsupported devices or unofficial operating systems.
  • Use of inappropriate names.
  • Other behaviors determined inappropriate by the Ops team.

If these behaviors are confirmed, severe penalties may be applied to the user, including suspension of the account. Please do not engage in any of these behaviors.

*The contents and conditions of this page are subject to change without prior notice. Please be aware of this.
We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.