Who Got an Entry to WC2020?! Check the Current Rankings!

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The long battle for a WC2020 entry has almost been decided.
The final victors will be chosen after Ranked Match “Lilith”…Who will take control of the battle and seize a ticket to fame and glory?!

The top 20 players in the Tour Points Rankings after the Ranked Match “Lilith” is finalized will receive an entry to WC 2020!
Whether they be tears of pain or joy, this last season is the battle that determines your destiny! Ranked Match “Lilith” is now underway!

Click here to find out more about entering the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020.


▼ The Tour Points Rankings as of August’s Ranked Match “Diablos”!

Ranking Place Name Points
1 Earth 202 pt
2 リオレウスはいただきます 159 pt
3 Kuran 156 pt
4 マジ勝てん 153 pt
5 ニルヴァーシュ 152 pt
6 Ryuuzu 144 pt
7 XiV*Gagetu 144 pt
8 tarakoman 140 pt
9 138 pt
10 木霊 136 pt
11 Sora 135 pt
12 刹那トランザムは使うなよ 128 pt
13 SWAG*戦人 127 pt
14 うしscarlet495 127 pt
15 Haya♡けおけお 121 pt
16 ナリカワ 120 pt
17 ウロボロスお兄さん 118 pt
18 睦月 118 pt
19 ひこうきぐも 116 pt
20 XiV*Melinda 114 pt
21 Guranburuman 109 pt
22 KyleP 108 pt
23 もりー 106 pt
24 普通の人 106 pt
25 はい 104 pt
26 ちー 99 pt
27 デナーリス 98 pt
28 DoubleHand 98 pt
29 さしすせそーだ 96 pt
30 ヨル・フォージャー 94 pt


*Names reflect those used at time of calculation.
*The following actions are prohibited. Players who are found to have committed any of these actions are subject to being removed from the rankings.

  • Tampering with data or utilizing unfair programs or exploits
  • Using unsupported devices or unofficial operating systems
  • Using inappropriate names that violate public morality
  • Manipulating your wins and losses through collusion with other players or utilizing multiple accounts
  • Violating Terms of Service
  • Any other actions the management team deems inappropriate

Additionally, other measures such as account suspension may be taken. Please do not engage in any of these behaviors.

*The contents of this page are subject to change without prior notice. Please be aware of this.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.