Supporters Aren’t Forgotten! WC2020 Contestant Support Campaign!

Published :

We will begin the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 Contestant Support Campaign right before the Finals Tournaments to be held on 19 Dec. (JST), and 27 Dec. (JST)!
Enter your predictions for the winner through the application form!


Present Details

1. Each applicant will receive a present!

 ”天都ノ國絵巻 The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni” Pack Ticket x1 will be distributed!


2. The Supported Contestant Wins!

 Latest pack ticket to be added at a later date x3 will be distributed!


About Present Distribution

*1, 2 are in-game items. Application and reception require TEPPEN to be installed.
*1, 2 will be distributed in-game in early February 2021. Claim them in Presents on the Home Screen.

Application Period

Dec. 9, 2020, 2:00 (PT) – Dec. 18, 2020, 6:59 (PT)
9 Dec. 2020, 10:00 (UTC) – 18 Dec. 2020, 14:59 (UTC)


Cautionary Notes

*If the Operations team finds any unintentional misconduct, we may change or cancel the event.
*Personal inquiries regarding your own application and standing will not be answered.
*In the event of fraud, the application may be cancelled.
*By participating in this campaign you will be deemed to have agreed to all matters and information posted on this page.
*The content of this page and application-related conditions is subject to change without prior notice.


We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.