Future Update Information!

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Thank you for your continued enjoyment of TEPPEN.
Along with thanking you all for helping us reach our second anniversary, we will also be introducing what is to come!

Planned for August: Huge Battle Content Update “Point Matches”

A new battle mode where you can play with the Unlimited format!
– Collect Points (TBD) and get items from the exchange!
– You’ll get Points (TBD) no matter if you win or lose!
– You can also exchange for Supplemental Cards that you can’t get by purchasing card packs!

* The “Unlimited” format allow you to have battles using all card sets.

What are Supplemental Cards?

– Supplemental Cards are new cards that are added to existing card sets and are usable in the Standard format.
– They can be obtained at either the “Point Exchange (TBD)” or the “Soul Shop (to be added in October),” but won’t be available in card packs.


Planned for October: Supplemental Cards Available in the Soul Shop!

Click here for more details about the Soul Shop.

This will change the way TEPPEN is played in the following ways.

A New Way to Play TEPPEN


Other Planned Updates!

Expanding the battle Music selection function.
Making it possible to change Music from the Home screen.
Improving the pack ticket receiving function.

* The information written here is current as of the announcement date. Changes may be made without prior notice.
We will work our hardest in developing and operating TEPPEN so that you can continue to enjoy playing into the future.
We look forward to your continued support of TEPPEN.

– The TEPPEN Team