TEPPEN Update Details

The demon hunter Nero of the Devil May Cry series will join the battle in October 2019! A new card set that showcases Nero’s growth in battle will also be released! Check out the new card details and get started on building some new decks for the upcoming release!



Cinematic Trailer
Release commemoration campaign

Period:Oct. 24, 2019, 19:00 (PT) - Nov. 6, 2019, 17:59 (PT) / 25 Oct. 2019, 2:00 (UTC) - 7 Nov. 2019, 1:59 (UTC)

Watch the cinematic trailer to get a “The Devils Awaken” Pack Ticket!

Depending on the number of views “The Devils Awaken” cinematic trailer gets, all users will receive a certain amount of Zenny and “The Devils Awaken” Pack Tickets in the future!

This campaign has concluded.

Achievement Rewards

Number of views Rewards
5,000 views Icon Ticket "The Devils Awaken" Pack Ticket x1
8,000 views Icon Zenny Zenny x50
10,000 views Icon Ticket "The Devils Awaken" Pack Ticket x2


A new hero
Nero joins the fray!


  1. Devil Breaker


    Gives a friendly unit +3 Attack (effective for one attack) and <Spillover> (effective for one attack).
  2. True Power


    Increases the level of a friendly unit with <Growth> by 1.
  3. Hey, Nico!


    Randomly adds Gerbera, Ragtime, or Tomboy to your EX Pocket.

*Cards chosen by Hey, Nico!, Nico! can only be used in battle.

New abilities that appear in “The Devils Awaken”


Acquiring a certain amount of growth points (*) will increase level and grant new effects.

*Growth points are a new parameter that will appear in “The Devils Awaken”. When a unit card with the <Growth> ability is in play, playing another unit card in an open spot will grant growth points equal to the MP of that card.



  1. ① Growth points are required to gain 1 level

    *Required growth points vary from card to card

  2. ② Additional effects obtained when leveling up

    *Levels range from level 2 to 4, and max level as well as additional effects vary from card to card.


Blocks attacks from units with <Flight>.

New Card info

Introduces some of the cards that will become available with the update.


Card Preview

  • Empusa Queen
  • Chill Penguin
  • King Cerberus
  • Torchbearer Axl
  • Full Potential
  • Fury
  • Nidhogg
  • Eva
  • Godkarmachine O Inary
  • Awakened Power
  • Wind Armor
  • 17th Elite Unit
  • Kecha Wacha
  • Hell Antenora
  • Dante
  • Amatsu
  • Souls' Return
  • The Outriders
  • Killer Bee
  • Double
  • Dalamadur
  • Tainted King Vaal Hazak
  • Desperate Act
  • Forbidden Fruit

"The Devils Awaken" Deck Introduction

Introducing decks that focuses on the Devil May Cry series and makes use of the new cards!

Pattern 1 Nero Deck

Card Image

This deck is based on the basic card Nero (NERO 008) as well as unit cards with the new <Growth> ability.

Make good use of Nero’s Hero Arts “True Power” to grow units and further strengthen them with action cards like Wind Armor (TDA 047).

If you can’t gain any growth points due to the field being full, use Dream of Restoration (COR 088) to recover Life and open up some slots to play units.



Deck Code



Deck Image 1

Pattern 2 V, The Mysterious One Deck

Card Image

This deck incorporates V, The Mysterious One (TDA 066) while making use of unit cards with <Growth>.

Until V, The Mysterious One is in your hand, make use of units with <Growth> or <Flight> to whittle away your opponent’s Life.

When V, The Mysterious One enters the field, protect it with action cards like Dark Hold (COR 131) or The Outriders (TDA 074) and use Resonate to build your advantage in an instant.


HERO ARTSQuicksilver

Deck Code



Deck Image 2

Pattern 3 Dark Usurper Urizen Deck

Card Image

This deck makes use of the ability of Dark Usurper Urizen (TDA 091) to sacrifice its own life to increase the life of allied heroes to nearly 15.

Use the recovery effects of Selfish Predation (COR 173) or Malphas (TDA 087) to maintain your Life while using units such as The Cornered Rat's Bite (TDA 093) or The Witches' Plaything (TDA 099) that gain bonuses when their Life drops below 15 to press your advantage in battle.

Making proper use of your life is the key to victory.


HERO ARTSSpike Launch

Deck Code



Deck Image 3

This campaign has concluded.

Nero release campaign

We will be holding a campaign to give items to all users depending on the total number of times users play the new hero Nero in battles.


  • *The details here describe game features at the time of their implementation.