TEPPEN Update Details

Akuma, martial artist and wielder of the "Satsui no Hado", will be joining the fray as a new Hero in Janurary 2020! A new card set will be released along side him, depicting the countless battles in the Land of Illusions! Experience the epic battle of those who have ascended their limits utilizing a forbidden power!



A new type of Skin, “Extra Skin” is coming!

A Hero Skin changes the character and the Hero's appearance, but the upcoming “Extra Skin”, also changes the Hero Arts animation and the BGM during battle! The first round will feature an Extra Skin for "Ryu"! Equipping it will turn him into "Evil Ryu"!

  • *The Hero Element and its Hero Art will not change.

Get the latest information on Twitter!

Information on the new card set and the new Hero can be found on the promotional TEPPEN Twitter account! Follow the promotional TEPPEN Twitter account for all the latest information on “The Force Seekers”!

A Commemoration Campaign is now live!

We're having a campaign via Twitter to commemorate the new Hero "Akuma"! Retweet with the campaign hashtag to get items! If you’re on Twitter, follow the TEPPEN Twitter account!

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EVENTS are now available

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  • *The details here describe game features at the time of their implementation.