The Nightmare residents come to Adventure! "The Daymare Diary" Campaign!


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"The Daymare Diary" Campaign Features

1. The nightmare residents from "The Daymare Dairy" invade the Main Quest!

The nightmare residents may make Intrusions at the end of your battles in some Main Quests during the campaign!
The residents are all tough enemies, so be well prepared when you battle them!
■ Intrusion Progression
1. Select a map marked with an Icon.

* Intrusions will only occur on maps marked with an Icon.
2. Fight enemies on Battle Tiles and Tough Enemy Tiles!

* Intrusions will not occur on Boss Tiles.
3. When you win a battle, there's a chance that an Intrusion will occur!
4. The residents are tough enemies, so be well prepared for them!
5. If you're not feeling confident about the outcome, you can return to the map without battling by tapping the button on the top left!

Please note that if you choose not to battle, you won't be able to battle the residents again until another Intrusion occurs.

2. Collect Halloween Candy to exchange for items!

Defeat the intruding nightmare residents to get Halloween Candy!
Collect lots of Halloween Candy to trade for Icons, Relics, and more at the Exchange!
You can view the items that can be exchanged by selecting "The Exchange" from Adventure Top!
You can also obtain Halloween Candy via Campaign Challenges that have requirements like clearing maps or battling residents a certain amount of times. Be sure to check it out!
Icon "Protector Doll Claire" Icon "Felyne" Icon "Vile"
Icon "Green Ghost" Icon "Purple Ghost" Icon "Orange Ghost"
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3. Challenge the High-Difficulty ☆☆☆☆☆☆ Map!

A monstrous Chief Brian awaits you on the high-difficulty map!
Collect pages of the picture diary while overcoming repeated deaths to challenge Chief Brian!
Clear the high-difficulty map and you can get emblems, so be sure to give it a shot!
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