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In-game Tourneys are competitions where player can battle each other and compete to see who can get the most points.
You can get honor and fabulous rewards if you place in the upper rankings.

Rules and Rewards

The rules and rewards differ depending on the tourney.
Please check each tourney’s notification for more details.
*The image is from the past TEPPEN NEW YEAR CUP 2022.



[1]Tourney Entry

Please use the following procedure to enter the tourneys during the entry period.
Please note that if you do not enter during the entry period, you will not be able to participate.
*The image is from the past TEPPEN NEW YEAR CUP 2022.

1. Select the Tourney button displayed on the Home Screen during the entry period.

2. Tap the tourney banner displayed on the Tourney screen.


3. Tap [Enter Tourney] on the Tourney Screen.


4. A dialogue will be displayed. Tap [Entry] to complete your entry.



On the day of the tourney, battles will be conducted between entered players to determine ranking.

Entrants may participate in battles through Home Screen → Tourney → [Start Battle] button. 


About Rankings

Rankings will be determined by Battle Points won or lost based on the battle outcome.
*You must battle at least once to enter the rankings.
*Changes in Battle Points are determined by both the outcome of the battle and the difference in points between you and your opponent.
*If there is a tie, the competitor who reached their Battle Point total earlier will be ranked higher.
*The rankings shown during the tourney period are tentative. Once the tourney is over, the results will be calculated and finalized.



We won’t just be holding tourneys with fabulous prizes at stake, we will also hold tourneys where chances to compete in the World Tournament and chances to earn prize money are at stake.
Don’t miss the Tourney Starting Notifications and participate in the tourney!

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