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How to see Grand Prix details

Grand Prix rules differ for each event. Rules for the events can be checked by pressing the following sequence of buttons from the Home Screen: Coliseum >> Grand Prix >> Rules
Tapping each round will allow you to view a list of rewards that can be earned during that round of the Grand Prix.

Pressing the ▼ on each reward will allow you to view its details.
You will randomly receive one item from reward sets that have the Random Reward icon displayed.
Icons under Grand Prix details are as follows.

Entry Icon

Each round, this icon displays the number of times you may enter as well as the conditions when you enter.
The total number on the entry icon displays how many times you may enter during that round.
There are two types of entry icons:

Shows the number of times you may enter for free.
Shows the number of times you may enter by spending Zenny, Jewels, or Grand Prix Tickets.

Victory Mark

Each and every round, these marks represent the number of victories needed to advance to the next round.
If there are a total of 4 marks, then you need 4 victories to advance. If there are 5 marks, then 5 victories will be necessary.
There are two types Victory Marks:

In rounds where this mark is displayed, you may advance to the next round if you reach the required number of victories.
Even if you lose, there’s still a chance to advance. Don’t give up, and keep on fighting.
In rounds where this mark is displayed, only the player who wins will be crowned the victor.
If you lose in the middle of a round, you will not be able to battle again in that round.


In rounds where this icon is displayed, the number of times you may enter is reset every day.

We will now explain TEPPEN Grand Prix.


  • Grand Prix is a short-term battle mode in which you battle while aiming to be the ultimate victor.
  • The Grand Prix has 3 rounds, and depending on the number of victories earned in each round, the group you belong to in the next round changes.
  • You can obtain Grand Prix Rewards such as Pack Tickets, and Pack Tickets that may be exchanged for the next pack sold in the store.

1. What is the Grand Prix?

The Grand Prix is a special competition held for a short amount of time.
The Grand Prix, unlike the month-long Ranked Match, is a competition held for 3 rounds over a roughly 2-week period where players compete to see how far they can win and advance.
Powerful players who have won and advanced to the final Final Round battle it out to determine the top player.
TEPPEN players putting their skills to the test over a fixed number of battles is what the Grand Prix is all about.
Forge your own deck to use in the Grand Prix and enter the fray.

2. How to Play

You can participate in the Grand Prix via the Coliseum on the Home Screen.
You must reach Rank D or higher in Ranked Match (※2) to participate in the Grand Prix.
The time period for Grand Prix will be divided into a total of 3 held rounds.
You can battle up to 5 times in 1 round, and you can obtain rewards according to your battle results each round.
*2. For more details about Ranked Matches, please refer to the “Ranked Matches” document.

The following steps about how to advance in the Grand Prix will be explained in the following order.

  • 1. How to enter the Grand Prix
  • 2. Making a deck for the Grand Prix
  • 3. About rounds
  • 4. Claiming rewards

1. How to enter the Grand Prix

During the Grand Prix, each round can be initially entered for free. Subsequent entry will cost Jewels x240, Zenny x240, or Grand Prix Ticket x1.
The final round, however, will be free because it can only be played once.
You can only enter a set number of times every day.
Rules such as the event period and entry conditions for the final round vary for each Grand Prix.
*3. Grand Prix Tickets can be obtained as rewards from Ranked Matches.

2. Making a deck for the Grand Prix

Forge your own deck to use in the Grand Prix and enter the fray.
When entering the Grand Prix, you will need to create a new deck to be used in the Grand Prix.
Decks you use normally may not be used in the Grand Prix. You will need to make a new deck for use in the Grand Prix.
The first deck you set cannot be changed until the round has concluded.
Additionally, there may be special deck rules in place for each Grand Prix.
When putting together your deck, make sure to check the above figure found on the Grand Prix Entrance Screen.

3. About rounds

Grand Prix 3
The Grand Prix is comprised of 3 rounds divided into the First Round, Second Round, and Final Round.
Within each round, players will battle each other a set number of times.
One round is held over the course of multiple days, and the round changes depending on the time period.
Grand Prix battles proceed in basically the same way as a normal battle.
However, just like the deck rules, each event may have special battle rules in place.
After the second round, players will be separated into groups A and B where they will be matched with and battle other players in the same group.
Groups will be explained in-detail later.

First Round

The group into which you are placed in the second round depends on the number of wins you got during the first round.

Number of battles 5 times
Number of wins required to advance to the next round 4 or more wins: Advance to Group A
3 or fewer wins: Advance to Group B

Second Round

Depending on the number of wins in the first round, players will be sorted into groups A and B from the second round on.
You may join in the second round even if you did not participate in the first, but if you do so you will be sorted into group B.
You may advance to the final round if you meet the required number of wins each round.

Groups A B
Number of battles 5 5
Number of wins required to advance to the next round 4 or more 3 or more

Final Round

Similar to the Second Round, the Final Round is also divided into groups A and B. You will continue from your Second Round group.
Unlike previous rounds, you may only enter the Final Round once, and only the player who wins the battle may advance to the next battle.

Groups A B
Number of battles 5 3
Number of wins required to advance to the next round

Depending on the number of wins in the First Round, each player will be assigned to the A and B groups from the Second Round onwards, and this grouping will continue even if the player advances to the next round.
Rewards for groups A and B differ. Since by rule those in group A require a higher number of wins to advance, their rewards will be greater.
If all battles have ended, or you retire mid-round, results will be displayed and you may receive the rewards from that round.
An entrance fee must be paid to re-enter the round if you wish to battle again within the same round.

4. Claiming rewards

At the conclusion of the round, you may claim your rewards and they will be sent to your Present Box.
Reward slots will increase according to the number of wins within the round, and the rewards themselves will become more valuable.
If you retire from the Grand Prix mid-battle, rewards will be given to you based on your battle record at the time of retirement.
Grand Prix 4
If the time period for the round you have entered ends, you will be granted rewards based on your highest battle achievement up until that time.
Rewards can be claimed by pressing the Grand Prix Button on the Home Screen.


See how far your skills can take you in the Grand Prix.
Become one of the proven players from group A and advance to the Final Round, where you will battle it out 5 times in the hopes of being crowned the ultimate victor.
Even if you don’t emerge victorious in your battles during the Grand Prix, you are guaranteed to receive a Pack Ticket, so be sure to join in the fun!
Also, rewards for groups A and B are the same, so even if you advance to the final, those in group B will still receive a Pack Ticket for the next pack to be released.
Even if your results from the first round place you in group B, don’t give up and continue to fight!
Continue to the next article for more info on the game!

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