Issues in Current Version

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The following issues have been confirmed in the current version. Their investigation statuses are also provided below.

Known Issues

- From Ver.6.1.7

  • Under certain conditions, the text in the search field on the Edit Deck screen is not displayed correctly . [UPDATE]

- From Ver.6.1

  • On the mission confirmation screen, the reward item name and image for daily missions were not displayed under certain conditions.
    *The problem is only visual; you will receive the correct reward item, if you meet the achievement conditions.

- From Ver.5.4

  • When the opponent's unit enters the <Invasion> standby mode, some of the effects are not displayed properly.

- From Ver.4.3

  • While processing the effect of Violent Crossfire (SSV 020), "FAILED" that is not supposed to be displayed may be displayed.

- From Ver.3.0

  • If the "Dark Whispers Oichi (BOA 088)" in the <Ascended> status affected by the effect of "Gold Orb (TFS 049)" and another unit of the tribe "Spirit" die at the same time, the <Ascended> effect of "Dark Whispers Oichi" when put into the play area again may not be activated correctly.

- From Ver.1.2

  • When the control of Kirin (DON 013) is moved by Four Eyes (DON 053), the damage caused by the ability of “When another unit appears on the field: Deals 2 damage to a random enemy unit.” is activated on the side where the control is deprived.

- From Ver.1.0

  • The game crashes under certain conditions.
  • Some card text may differ from the actual card effect.
    In this case, the effect of the card is correct.
These issues could be resolved by restarting The game.
- The edge of the screen is cut off when tilting the screen greatly in some devices.
- Tapping position is misaligned when waking up from sleep mode in some devices.
- The display collapses and BGM doesn't sound under certain conditions.
- Users may not be able to proceed at the end of a battle.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience while we look into this.


The following issues have been fixed.
*These will remain listed as known issues.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed Issues in Ver.6.1.7

  • If the conditions for a <Quest> are met multiple times at once, the level of the unit with the <Quest> may not be displayed correctly.
    *This problem is only visual and it does not affect any effect.

- Previously Fixed Issues


We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.