Beginner’s Guide

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Hello! Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide for TEPPEN!
This guide is for both those new to TEPPEN and those new to card games in general.
Changes and/or additions will be made occasionally, so be sure to check back frequently!

To check terminology for the game, use “Terminology” below.

[Intro] Read This First!


1. Features of TEPPEN
2. MP
3. Unit Cards
4. Action Cards

Battle Basics 1

1. The Game Screen and Victory Requirements
2. Playing Cards
3. Other Screen Info

Battle Basics 2

1. Card Classes and Roles
2. Hero Arts

Heroes and Hero Arts

1. Heroes
2. Hero Arts
3. AP (Arts Points)

Active Response

1. Active Response
2. Effect Activation Order
3. AMP

Editing Decks

1. Rules for Editing Decks
2. Building a Deck
3. How to Edit Decks
4. Crafting & Reaping Cards

Ranked Matches

1. Ranked Match
2. Participating in Ranked Matches
3. Ranks
4. Special Rules
5. Ranked Match Season Changes

About the Grand Prix

1. What is the Grand Prix?
2. How to Play