Abilities are listed in the "Effects" section of the card details screen.
There are a great variety of abilities that can affect battle in different ways.
If you tap the color-highlighted words in the text, you can view more details.


The deck refers to the collection of cards that you will use in battle. A deck consists of Unit Cards and Action Cards, with a grand total of 30 cards.

Play Area

The Play Area refers to the area where cards are put into actual play.


Hand refers to the cards that are currently in your hand. As long as there are cards left in your deck, the hand is automatically replenished (draw) so that you always have 5 cards.

EX (Extra) Pocket

The EX Pocket is a place where cards that can be played are added due to card effects or Hero Arts. Unlike cards in your hand, EX Pocket cards are not automatically replenished when they are played.


Draw refers to the adding of a card to your hand or EX Pocket from your deck.

MP (Mirage Particles)

MP is expended when you play a card. MP accumulates over time.

Unit Cards

Unit Cards are a card type that, when played, function as units. Each unit has its own Attack power and HP, and when it is played, it will begin attacking automatically. When a unit’s HP is reduced to 0, it dies, and it is sent to the Graveyard. Some units have abilities that have varying effects on the battle.

Playing a Card

Playing a card means putting a card into play from your hand or EX Pocket by expending MP.

Action Cards

Action Cards are a card type that, when played, cause a certain action in battle. Playing an Action Card activates a phase called “Active Response”. When the Active Response is concluded, the card is sent to the graveyard.

Active Response

Active Response refers to the time after an Action Card is put into play, during which each player can “react” to each other by playing additional Action Cards.
The active response proceeds as follows, and continues until one side stops reacting.

Action Card played >> Active Response begins >> reaction >> reaction >> reaction >> ...

At the end of Active Response, the effects of the Action Cards played so far will be triggered in the reverse order of which they were played.
Battle time, MP accumulation, and unit attack preparation time all stop during Active Response.

AMP (Active MP)

AMP is MP allotted to both players at the start of Active Response.


Action refers to the act of playing an Action Card. When an action occurs, the battle shifts to Active Response.


Reaction refers to playing an Action Card during Active Response.

Reaction Limit

Reaction limit refers to the time limit imposed on performing a single reaction. The reaction limit is displayed at the top of the screen during Active Response.

Put into Play

Put into play refers to a unit being put into the Play Area regardless of method.


Slots are areas within the Play Area where Unit Cards are placed.


"Death" refers to the state of a unit when its HP is reduced to 0 through enemy unit attacks or other sources of damage. When a unit reaches death, it is sent to the Graveyard.

Destroy (Game Term)

The game term "Destroy” refers to a card being sent to the Graveyard due to a card effect.


The Graveyard is where used cards that have been put out of play are placed. Dead/destroyed units and used Action Cards are placed here.

Attack Preparation Time

"Attack preparation time" refers the time remaining until a unit attacks. The remaining time is represented by a gauge that travels between slots. This gauge is called a “lane”. When the lane reaches an enemy slot, it is ready to attack, and the unit attacks either an enemy unit or the enemy Hero.


The Hero is the character that the player uses in battle. One Hero can be set per deck. Each Hero has different Hero Arts that can be set onto a deck.

Hero Arts

Hero Arts are special abilities that each Hero possesses. Each Hero has 3 different Hero Arts, but only one Hero Art can be set onto the deck.
Of the 3 Hero Arts, 1 can be used from the very beginning. The remaining 2 Hero Arts can be unlocked by raising the Hero’s level.

AP (Art Points)

Art Points are expended when Hero Arts are used. When a player plays a card, that player's Hero gains AP equivalent to the MP expended to play the card.


"Life" refers to the life points possessed by a Hero. Heroes have 30 Life at the beginning of a battle. The player who first reduces their opponent’s Hero’s Life to 0 wins the battle. The upper limit for Life is 30, and it cannot be exceeded beyond that number by Life-restoring effects.

Battle Time

The amount of time remaining in the battle. If neither player achieves victory before the battle time reaches 0, the player with the most Life remaining wins the battle. If both players have the same amount of Life, the battle ends in a draw.

General Game Information


Jewels are in-game currency that can be used to purchase packs, season passes and other items. They can also be used to pay the Grand Prix entry fee. Jewels can be purchased by going to the “Jewel Shop” or by pressing the "+" button on the right side of the Jewel display on the home screen.
* Purchase of Jewels requires a monetary transaction.


Zenny is in-game exclusive currency that can be acquired for free. Zenny can be used to purchase packs or for the entry fee to the Grand Prix, etc.


Souls are expended when you craft a card.
You can “reap” cards you don’t need to break them down into Souls.

Crafting Cards

Crafting cards is the process of creating a new card by expending units called “Souls”. You can craft cards by going to the card details screen.

Reaping Cards

Reaping cards is the process of breaking down cards you don’t need into Souls. You can reap cards by going to the card details screen.

Season Pass

The Season pass is a limited-time pass that can be purchased at the shop. When you purchase a Season Pass, you become eligible for perks and benefits such as additional missions (with rewards) being unlocked, Hero EXP being increased while valid, etc.


In TEPPEN CHANNEL, you can see the latest TEPPEN news, tournament information, and replay videos of other players.