Before You Start Playing

How do I transfer my game data?

You can use passwords created for data transfer or use iCloud / iTunes or Google accounts to transfer your game data to a new device.

For more details, go here.

What kind of game is this?

TEPPEN is a real-time combat card game.
In this game, you select a Hero, then create a deck of 30 cards comprised of unit and action cards. The object of the game is to battle online opponents around the world using the various abilities of the cards in your deck and achieve victory.
In Solo Play, you can play through the story of your selected Hero, or play practice matches against the CPU.

Is the game free to play?

The app can be downloaded for free.
Although the game can be fully enjoyed free of charge, there are paid items called “Jewels” that can be used to assist with game progress.
* "Jewels" can also be obtained free of charge through tutorials, in-game rewards, events, etc.

What devices are compatible with the game?

TEPPEN is compatible with the following operating systems:
iOS 10.0 or later
Android 6.0 or later
* Not compatible with Android devices with less than 2GB of RAM.
* Compatibility for both operating systems is limited to official releases.
* Certain devices may still be incompatible even if the above conditions are met.

Is a network connection necessary?

TEPPEN is a game designed to be played online. Therefore, a stable network connection is required.

Can I change the time settings on my device?

Manually changing the time settings on your device may result in your game data becoming corrupted.
Corrupted game data may cause unexpected game errors and bugs, or even damage your game data irreparably.
If your game data is damaged in this way, it cannot be repaired or restored. This includes any and all in-game purchases that you have made. Therefore, please do NOT manually change the time setting on your device; please set it to your local standard time.
* Syncing the time setting on your device to local standard time should cause no problems.

Are there age restrictions for purchasing Jewels?

Purchase limits for Jewels have been set for certain age groups so that minors and guardians can feel safe using our services.
We ask that minors read the information here and make sure to receive permission from a legal guardian (father, mother, et al.) before making any purchases.

Problems During Play

The game does not launch properly

Please check the following:
Restart app/device
Please restart the app and/or restart your device.
Check your network connection
Please make sure that you are connected to a stable network when playing the game.
Also, if possible, please try different connection methods. (4G, Wi-Fi, etc.)
Check your operating system
Please make sure that the operating system on your device is up-to-date.
If you are currently not running the latest version of the operating system, please consider updating it.
Check your device
Please make sure that you are not operating or performing actions on your device that the manufacturer deems improper and/or does not guarantee will function properly.
Using tools/software or operations on your device that have not been approved by the manufacturer may cause the app to not function properly.
Does your device have sufficient storage?
Your device may be lacking the necessary memory storage space to create a save file for the game. Please create more storage space, then restart the app.

If the issue still persists, contact our Support.

QR code reading screen is not displayed

Please check the settings of this app that are registered on the device. To read QR codes, the app must have permission to access the device’s camera. Please allow access to the camera to use this function.

I can’t purchase Jewels

You may have reached the purchase limit for Jewels for the current month. The maximum amount a user can spend on purchases varies according to the user’s age.
If the purchase limit for the current month has been reached, Jewels will be available for purchase again in the following month. If you have confirmed that the above is not the cause but you are still unable to purchase Jewels, it is possible that the issue may be related to the payment system of Apple Inc. or Google LLC.

* If you are unable to purchase Jewels, please refrain from attempting to buy any more Jewels until it is confirmed that the issue has been resolved.

I purchased Jewels, but they are not showing in-game.

Depending on the status of your device’s data, it may take some time for purchased Jewels to be displayed in-game. If your Jewels are still not displayed, please wait a few minutes or try restarting your device.

*If you purchased Jewels but they still are not being shown in-game. Please confirm your payment history with Apple/Google/Amazon and follow the above steps.
*If your data connection was lost right after making a purchase from the Amazon Appstore, it will take some time for your purchased Jewels to be shown in-game.
* If there is a payment history for your Jewel purchase, but it is still not reflected in the game, please contact our Support.


I want to know the breakdown of the Jewels I possess

You can check the breakdown of "Paid" and "Free" Jewels you currently own.
To check, go to "Home screen" >> "Other" >> "Jewel Details".

* Free Jewels will be consumed first.

I contacted Support, but didn’t receive a reply

If you have not authorized the receipt of mail from our company (@gungho.jp), it is possible that our replies will not reach you.
As a general rule, we do not reply individually to queries sent through forms marked [No reply]. Please take note.