Prohibited Actions When Playing the Game

Manipulating Wins and Losses is Prohibited

Manipulating your wins and losses through actions such as collusion with other players or utilizing multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.

Exploitation, Spreading, and Activation of Bugs is Prohibited

If you find a bug, please report it immediately to the services team without exploiting the issue or spreading the information to other users.
The act of intentionally triggering a bug is also strictly prohibited.
If it is confirmed that a bug was deliberately triggered, no compensation or other support will be offered to the perpetrator, and legal measures (consulting law enforcement, etc.) will be considered for disrupting our service.

RMT is Prohibited

RMT (the trade of real-world currency and items for in-game items and data) is forbidden in this game on the grounds that it may connect to fraud and other criminal activities.
Therefore, if it is determined that a user’s data is linked to RMT, a severe penalty of suspending said user’s game data will be implemented.
Furthermore, GungHo disclaims all liability for any damages suffered through the use of RMT.

Impersonating the Services Team and Other Staff is Prohibited

Any statements, actions, and registry of names by a user that may mislead others into thinking they are a member of the game’s services team, a GungHo employee or a related party is strictly prohibited.

Spreading of False Information is Prohibited

Spreading false information to mislead others or cause undue anxiety is strictly prohibited.
Information published on the Internet spreads immediately and can be seen by many people, so we ask that users never disseminate information that has not or cannot be verified.

Data Tampering and Cheat Programs are Prohibited

Data tampering and the use of unauthorized programs outside of the TEPPEN app to alter the true parameters and functions of the game to gain advantage is strictly prohibited.

Other acts of tampering and cheating are also prohibited.

Please also make sure to review the prohibited actions stipulated in the Common Terms of Use for Applications that you agreed to before starting to play the game.

We Do Not Respond to Queries Regarding Penalties

Support will not respond to queries such as “Is it alright for me to do xxxx?” insofar as to whether the queried action would be subject to penalty.
We ask that you enjoy TEPPEN without performing any unusual actions that may have the possibility of incurring penalty.

Violators of the stated prohibitions will be penalized.

If it is confirmed that a violation has taken place, severe penalties may be applied to the perpetrator, including the suspension of game data. Once game data is suspended, it will no longer be possible to resume play using the same data, so please follow the rules, be polite, and have fun.