TEPPEN is a real-time combat card game.
The speedy, seamless gameplay allows for exciting battles with your opponents.
Challenge online rivals across the world!


Play Hero Stories and enjoy the world of TEPPEN!


Battle other players from around the world.


Battle through ranking matches and aim for 1st place!



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  • This is the TEPPEN battle screen.
    Tap an area to view its description.

  • 1. Your Hand

    The cards glowing white are the cards that can be played at that time. Cards that are not glowing cannot be played because the necessary MP is currently lacking. When you play a card in your hand, it will be replenished by another from your deck.

  • 2. Your Hero

    This is the Hero that is set for your deck. The numbers displayed indicate your Hero's remaining Life, the number of cards remaining in your deck, and the number of cards in your Graveyard, respectively. Your Hero's Life is reduced every time you receive damage from units or Action Cards, and when it reaches zero, you lose the game.

  • 3. Your Hero Arts

    These are your Hero’s special abilities. The number on the lower left indicates the Art Points needed to activate Hero Arts. Art Points are accumulated when the same amount of MP is spent during play.

  • 4. Your MP

    To play a card, you need the amount of MP indicated on the card. MP accumulates over time.

  • 5. Your EX pocket

    A card may be added to your EX pocket by the effect of the card or Hero Arts. Cards in your EX Pocket can be played as if they are in your hand.

  • 6. Units

    These are your units. Units automatically begin attacking when they are put into play. The numbers on the top indicate attack power, and the numbers on the bottom indicate HP. Attacking with units is the basic method of battle.

  • 7. Attack Gauge

    The attack gauge represents the unit's attack preparation time. When a unit’s attack gauge reaches an enemy unit, your unit will attack. If there are no enemy units, it will damage the enemy Hero.

  • 8. Opponent

    You can win the battle by reducing the life of your opponent's Hero to 0.


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    Step 1. Start of battle

    There are no turns in the TEPPEN battle system. If you have the necessary MP to play a card, you can play the card at any time you like. You start the battle with 4 MP.

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    Step 2. Using cards

    When a Unit Card is put into play, it starts attacking automatically. If you attack enemy units, the enemy units will fight back. In a battle between units, both units will receive damage equal to the opposing unit’s attack power. If a unit receives damage equal to or more than its HP, it goes to the owner’s Graveyard.
    If there is no enemy unit in front of a unit, the unit will damage the enemy Hero.

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    Step 3. Using Hero Arts

    The activation of Hero Arts cannot be stopped by enemy units or Action Cards. When activated, it will always provide its defined effect. However, it cannot be activated if there is no target for its effect.

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    Step 4. Active Response

    When an Action Card is played, time is suspended temporarily and the battle enters into Active Response. When a player puts an Action Card into play, the opponent can respond by playing an Action Card of their own.

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    Step 5. Achieve Victory!

    You can achieve victory in battle by reducing your opponent’s Hero’s Life to 0 before your opponent can do the same to your Hero. Use Unit Cards, Action Cards and Hero Arts to battle your way to victory!