Issues in Current Version

Last updated : Jan. 17, 2021, 22:00 (PT)

Published : July 3, 2019, 17:00 (PT)

The following issues have been confirmed in the current version. Their investigation statuses are also provided below.

Known Issues

- From Ver.3.0
  • The card effect description for "Date Masamune (BOA 062)" was incorrect. [UPDATE]
    When played: Gain <Combo> and <Spillover> after 30 seconds.
    <Growth>: 3
    Lv. 2: Return a random enemy unit with an MP cost of 4 or less to the EX Pocket.
    When played: Gain <Combo> and <Spillover> after 30 seconds.
    <Growth>: 3
    Lv. 2: Return a random enemy unit to the EX Pocket.
  • When the card of "Fallen Angel Mitsunari (BOA 063)" is put into play with <Slow> given, the "Remove <Slow>" cannot be performed despite the effect of "When placed on the field: Remove <Slow> from all friendly units with <Slow> and give them <Agility>". [UPDATE]
  • Under certain conditions, the effect of the Hero Art "Despair, wail, and perish!" can be used in situations where it does not work. [UPDATE]

- From Ver.2.9
  • Under certain conditions, the battle may not start in a "Room Match" in which the spectators are set to "Yes" or "Friends Only". [UPDATE]

- From Ver.2.4
  • The card effect description for "Akantor (ATH 014)" was incorrect. [UPDATE]
    After taking damage and surviving: Deal 2 damage to all enemy units.
    After taking damage and surviving: Deal 2 damage to all units.

- From Ver.2.2
  • If you use "Obsessive Duel (HBM 097)" or "The Time Has Come (BOA 047)" while there is "Demon-God Oni (T046)" in the opponent's field, "FAILED" is displayed after the unit that entered the opponent's field is destroyed by the effect of "Demon-God Oni", and your own unit does not enter the field. [UPDATE]

- From Ver.1.2
  • When the control of Kirin (DON 013) is moved by Four Eyes (DON 053), the damage caused by the ability of “When another unit appears on the field: Deals 2 damage to a random enemy unit.” is activated on the side where the control is deprived.

- From Ver.1.0
  • The game crashes under certain conditions.
  • Some card text may differ from the actual card effect.
    In this case, the effect of the card is correct.

These issues could be resolved by restarting The game.
- The edge of the screen is cut off when tilting the screen greatly in some devices.
- Tapping position is misaligned when waking up from sleep mode in some devices.
- The display collapses and BGM doesn't sound under certain conditions.
- Users may not be able to proceed at the end of a battle.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience while we look into this.

The following issues have been fixed.
*These will remain listed as known issues.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed Issues in Ver.3.0
  • When "Bald-Faced Lie (COR 125)" is used for an action card used without the target of the effect, the effect is not negated and the effect of "Reduce the MP cost of the negated Action Card by -2 and return it to the EX Pocket" is not also exerted. [UPDATE]
  • When "Lil' Moley (T055)" is used under certain conditions, the drawing for the target to be swapped is not performed correctly. [UPDATE]
  • If the unit in which <Revenge> is activated in your hand returns to the deck due to "Natural Cycle (TFS 050)" or "Wicked Flames of Hatred (TFS 022)", the effect of Hero Art "Bringer of Nightmares" cannot be used for the units that have returned to the deck. [UPDATE]

- Previously Fixed Issues

We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.