Issues in Current Version

Last updated : Apr. 15, 2021, 2:00 (PT)

Published : July 3, 2019, 17:00 (PT)

The following issues have been confirmed in the current version. Their investigation statuses are also provided below.

Known Issues

- Incorrect Texts
  • Incorrect descriptions about the target of the effect
    • Mirage Decoy (Ada Wong Hero Arts) [UPDATE]
    • Gen (ADA 059) [UPDATE]
    • Colonel (COR 022) [UPDATE]
  • Incorrect descriptions about the effect
    • Super Nova (T014) [UPDATE]
    • Exploding Lightning Rod (FELYNE 009) [UPDATE]

- From Ver.3.1
  • The "Claim All" button can be selected under certain conditions even though there are only items in the Present Box that cannot be received by the "Claim All" button, and if selected, a communication error occurs.
    *If you fail to receive the items due to the communication error, the items in the Present Box are not affected.

- From Ver.3.0
  • If the "Dark Whispers Oichi (BOA 088)" in the <Ascended> status affected by the effect of "Gold Orb (TFS 049)" and another unit of the tribe "Spirit" die at the same time, the <Ascended> effect of "Dark Whispers Oichi" when put into the play area again may not be activated correctly.

- From Ver.1.2
  • When the control of Kirin (DON 013) is moved by Four Eyes (DON 053), the damage caused by the ability of “When another unit appears on the field: Deals 2 damage to a random enemy unit.” is activated on the side where the control is deprived.

- From Ver.1.0
  • The game crashes under certain conditions.
  • Some card text may differ from the actual card effect.
    In this case, the effect of the card is correct.

These issues could be resolved by restarting The game.
- The edge of the screen is cut off when tilting the screen greatly in some devices.
- Tapping position is misaligned when waking up from sleep mode in some devices.
- The display collapses and BGM doesn't sound under certain conditions.
- Users may not be able to proceed at the end of a battle.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your patience while we look into this.

The following issues have been fixed.
*These will remain listed as known issues.

Fixed Issues

- Fixed Issues in Ver.3.1.5
  • If a unit with a particular "Death" effect is given another "Death" effect, the given effect may not be activated. [UPDATE]
  • If the "Twisted Marriage (ADA 068)" is used, it would be counted as the target of the effect of the Hero Art "Wrath Awoken". [UPDATE]
  • If the control of "Emperor (BOA 083)" itself or the unit affected by "Emperor" is transferred, the number of seconds to activate the effect of "-1 HP every 10 seconds" would be reset. [UPDATE]
  • Under certain conditions, the effect of "Immune to Life Sacrifice effects" is not activated correctly. [UPDATE]
  • Under certain conditions, the effect of "Indomitable Butterfly (ADAW 013)" is not processed correctly. [UPDATE]
  • Under certain conditions, the effect of "Trigger that unit's When played abilities", which is the Death effect of "Subtle Butterfly Ada (ADA 063)", is not activated. [UPDATE]
  • Under certain conditions, while the "Send Request" is being sent, the user information is not displayed correctly. [UPDATE]
  • Incorrect descriptions about the conditions for activating the effect
    • Nowhere to Turn (ADA 075) [UPDATE]
  • Incorrect descriptions about the target of the effect
    • Dante (ADA 061) [UPDATE]
    • Phantom Beast Slayer (ADA 050) [UPDATE]
    • Oro (ADA 055) [UPDATE]
  • Incorrect descriptions about the effect
    • Juri, Purple Spider (DON 067) [UPDATE]
    • Rufus (DON 032) [UPDATE]
    • Menat (DON 051) [UPDATE]
    • Sting Chameleon (DON 059) [UPDATE]
    • Vile MK-II (DON 088) [UPDATE]
    • Vega (DON 082) [UPDATE]

- Previously Fixed Issues

We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.