Battle Basics 1

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This guide is for those new to TEPPEN.
Here, we’ll take a look at the battle screen.


  • You will win the battle if your opponent’s Life reaches 0 or if you have more Life remaining when the timer reaches 0.
  • The upper portion of the screen is the field, and your information is displayed on the left and your opponent’s on the right.
  • The lower portion of the screen is your hand, and cards are automatically added to it from your deck.
  • Cards in your hand and EX Pocket can be played by spending MP.

1. The Game Screen and Victory Requirements

TEPPEN Battle Screen

The upper part of the screen is the field, where the battle takes place.
The left half displays your information, while the right half displays info for your opponent.
The lower part of the screen shows your hand, MP, and other info.

Note: MP are points that accrue over time and are needed to play cards.

Ryu Life

The image above shows Life remaining for the Hero, cards left in the deck, and cards in the Graveyard.

The “30” displayed here represents the amount of Life remaining.
Life is depleted each time a Unit or Action Card receives damage, and if it reaches 0, the battle will end.
As Life depletes, the color around it will change accordingly, with it starting at green, then turning yellow, orange, then finally red.
The max Life you can have is 30, and any Life recovery effects used will not extend it past that number.
There are two numbers below Life. The one on the left is the cards remaining in your deck, while the one on the right is the cards in your Graveyard.

Note: The Graveyard is where cards are placed when they are done being used. Destroyed Units Cards and Action Cards that have been used are sent to the Graveyard.

Battle Time

The timer displayed in the upper part of the screen is the battle time.
The timer starts at 5:00 and counts down to 0:00, at which point the battle ends.
If there is Hero Life remaining at the end of the battle, the player with the most Life remaining will be deemed the winner. If both players have the same amount of Life remaining, the battle will end in a tie.

2. Playing Cards

TEPPEN Card Choice

When you select a card, areas in which the card can be placed will glow blue. Placing a card in a blue area will allow you to play that card.

TEPPEN Hand Cards

However, you will need the amount of MP displayed on the top of the card to play it.
Cards glowing white can be played with the MP you have, while cards that are not glowing cannot be played because you don’t have enough MP.

You can have a maximum of 5 cards in your hand.
As long as you have cards in your deck, you will automatically draw cards until you have 5 in your hand.

The two slots to the right of your hand are your EX Pocket. Cards are added here from card/Hero Arts effects.
EX Pocket cards can be played just like any other cards in your hand.

3. Other Screen Info

Flag icon

If a battle is proving too much to handle, you can forfeit the match.
Simply press the Forfeit icon in the upper left corner of the screen and select “Yes” when prompted with “Forfeit the match?” to end the battle.
Note that if you do forfeit a match, it will count as a loss and you won’t gain any EXP.
Keep this in mind if you feel like forfeiting!


That covers the battle screen.
Familiarizing yourself with all on-screen info is the key to quickly assessing your situation in battle!
We’ll cover more basics in the next article.

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