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This guide is for those new to TEPPEN.
This time, we’ll explain the Basic Battle System.
The first step in any card battle game is to get a handle on its many rules and features.
We’ll start by exploring four of TEPPEN’s features.


  • TEPPEN’s real-time decision making is a lot of fun!
  • Using and timing your automatically-charged MP is of the utmost importance!
  • Basics of attacking/defending with Unit Cards.
  • Playing an Action Card sends you into Active Response mode.


1. Features of TEPPEN

TEPPEN is a card game that combines real-time and turn-based systems.
Unlike other turn-based games where you simply take turns playing cards until someone wins, TEPPEN allows players to use their discretion to switch into a real-time mode over the course of the game’s five minute Battle Time (*1).
The most thrilling aspect of battles in TEPPEN is figuring how to out-wit your opponent and time your moves better than they can.

*1. Battle Time is the time left in any given battle. When the Battle Time reaches 0, the player with the most Life remaining will be deemed the winner. If both players have the same amount of Life remaining, the battle will end in a tie.


2. MP


MP represents the points needed to play a card.
It accumulates over time, allowing you to play a card as soon as you have enough MP to play it.
The MP required to play a card is displayed in the upper left corner of each card.

How you use MP alone can lead to the development of another of different strategies.

  • Carefully waiting for MP to accumulate allow you to play powerful cards that require a great deal of MP.
  • You can also play low cost cards in quick succession to wage a relentless assault.
  • It helps to keep a surplus of MP in stock to deal with any unforeseen situations that might occur.

Choosing the correct strategy to deal with the situation at hand is very important.


3. Unit Cards

Units Cards remain on the board and are used to attack your opponent’s units and Hero.
Attacking/defending with Unit Cards is the most fundamental component of battles.
Each Unit Card has Attack and HP values.
The value in the red frame on the lower right corner is the unit’s attack, while the value below it in the blue frame is the unit’s HP.



Some Unit Cards possess special abilities.
Effectively using abilities is crucial for turning the tide of battle in your favor.



4. Action Cards

Piercing Sword

Action Cards, unlike Unit Cards, activate special effects when played and are then immediately sent to the Graveyard.
Action Cards can increase a unit’s Attack or HP, or even add specific cards to your EX Pocket, among other effects.

Additionally, playing an Action Card will pause the battle and trigger Active Response, where you and your opponent will take turns placing Action Cards.
See other articles for more on Active Response.



This time, we explained four important components of the TEPPEN battle system.
We believe that deepening your understanding of TEPPEN’s basic system will allow you to learn just how profoundly deep the game truly is.
Continue to the next article for more info on the game!


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