Editing Decks

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Decks are composed of the cards that the player will use in battle.
Building decks is an important aspect of TEPPEN.
But you might be wondering how to go about building a strong deck.
For those of you thinking, “But I don’t know the first thing about building decks!” This article will tell you how.


  • A deck is made up of a combination of 30 cards.
  • Up to three of the same card can be placed in a deck.
  • Only one card of Legendary rarity can be placed in a deck.
  • The more elements (colors) in a deck, the lower the maximum amount of MP you can use in battle.
  • Use Assisted Deckbuilding when you’re not sure about how to build your deck.
  • Use souls acquired by reaping cards to craft new cards.


1. Rules for Editing Decks

There are several basic rules when it comes to building decks.

  • A deck is made up of a combination of 30 cards.
  • Up to three of the same card can be placed in a deck.
    *Golden and secret cards are counted as same cards, if they have the same card No.
    *The card No. is found on the card details screen.
  • Only one card of Legendary rarity can be placed in a deck.
  • The more elements (colors) in a deck, the lower the maximum amount of MP you can use in battle.
    *One element is a max of 10, two elements a max of five, and three elements is a max of three.
    *The maximum amount of MP for four elements is 0, and therefore the cards can not be used in battle.
    *The hero’s element is counted as one of the elements in a deck.
    *Any cards that require more MP than the maximum MP of the deck will be unusable.


The following advice on deck building is recommended for beginners.

  • Build using only cards of a single element (color).
  • Try to keep the makeup of the deck at around 20 Unit Cards and 10 Action Cards.
  • Focus on cards that cost 3-4 MP and limit the number of 5+ MP cards.


Build the deck so that you’re able to play a lot of cards quickly and offer a balanced attack.

Also, try substituting in Action Cards that complement the abilities of the Unit Cards and think about the right combination of Unit Cards to use.
Once you get the hang of it, try optimizing it into a deck that best suits her personal playstyle.


2. Building a Deck

Let’s get right down to it and build a deck.
“You can choose from any of the four types of Deckbuilding.

New Deck

Assisted Deckbuilding is a function recommended for beginners that allows you to choose the cards you want to use and elements and then uses that information to fill out the rest of the deck.
Use Assisted Deckbuilding when you’re unsure about what you want to do with your deck.



In Assisted Deckbuilding, start by selecting Format and Element
Format covers the types of cards that can be used in Ranked Matches, but only Standard can be selected initially.


3. How to Edit Decks


This is the deck building screen. The left is a list of cards, while the right is a deck that is currently being built.
Select a card on the left and move it to the right to add it to the deck.
Press the All button on the top of the screen to display cards you don’t have in the card list.
You can add cards you don’t have to a deck, but you won’t be able to use them in battle.



In the bottom right corner of the screen is a display with various information like the one in the image above.

  1. Max MP that can be used in battle
  2. Elements (colors) included in the deck.
  3. Number of cards in the deck.
  4. Number of Unit Cards in the deck.
  5. Number of Action Cards in the deck.

Of this information is displayed here.



Use filters when you’re having a hard time finding a card.
Using different buttons allows you to display specific elements or search cards by spelling.
U and A will display Unit Cards and Action Cards respectively.



Also, pressing the ▼Filter button in the bottom left corner of the screen will allow you to filter results for MP Cost and Card Class, among others.



Press a card on the list to see more detailed information about it.
Once your deck is finished, the number of cards in it will be displayed on the lowest part of the right corner of the screen.
You can use the – and + and the left and right buttons to adjust the number of cards for the build.

If you press the yellow parts of a card’s effect description, the meaning of certain terminology will be displayed.



After you’ve finished selecting cards, complete the process by pressing the Deck Build Complete button in the lower right corner.


4. Crafting & Reaping Cards

You can also Craft and Reap cards on the card details screen.
Reap is a function that coverts unneeded cards into Souls.
Reaped cards are irretrievable, so think carefully before using this function.
Craft, on the other hand, is a function that allows you to use Souls to create cards.
Some cards cannot be reaped or crafted.



Deckbuilding is the first step to becoming a superior player.
Start by using Assisted Deckbuilding and then try your own build once you’ve gotten the hang of it.
A deck is like a friend with whom you’ve had a close relationship for a great many years.
Treat your deck with care and respect.


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