Check out the latest information on the new card set “Dragons of War”!

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The start of the whole story will be revealed in July 2021!
The great war of Divinity vs Dragons has begun! Set off in search of the truth with a variety of characters! Don’t miss out on the battle between the Divine and Dragons, with characters from the Breath of Fire and Monster Hunter series! New abilities will also be available, making TEPPEN’s battles evolve even more!


We will introduce a part of the story depicted in “Dragons of War” along with a relationship chart!


For more of the story, check out the cards’ flavor text!

Now introducing the characters appearing in “Dragons of War”!

  • A survivor of the sentient dragons known as the Brood, who were thought to be extinct.
    Guided by Garr, he goes on a journey to meet the Goddess Myria.
  • A Rider from an indigenous tribe that has lived with dragons for generations.
    To protect the dragons from extinction, she fights back against the Goddess Myria.
  • One of the Guardians—beings that were bestowed a portion of the Goddess Myria’s power.
    Questioning his mission, he ventures forth to find the Goddess Myria in search of the truth.
  • A goddess who protects the world.
    Fearing the world-ruining powers of the Brood, she declares dragons too dangerous to be left alive. Commanding beings blessed with her power known as Guardians, and remnants of an ancient civilization called Mechaniloids, she strives to bring about the destruction and massacre of all dragons.

Characters other than the ones we just introduced will be making their appearance in “Dragons of War” one after another!
Stay tuned for the update!


  • Mary amante dei Rathalos
  • Speranza del Brood Ryu
  • Scudo
  • Accesso: drago
  • Accesso: guerriero
  • Accesso: larva
  • Garr
  • Inferno
  • Dea Myria


New Ability <Quest>!


Card Effect Examples


With the card in the example, the condition for leveling up would be “The enemy Hero takes damage”, so if the enemy Hero takes damage twice, it will level up twice!
Pair it with units with <Flight> and Action Cards that deal damage directly to the enemy Hero and try to level up!


  • Principessa alata Nina
  • Infido tiranno Ramarsh
  • Hilda
  • Peco
  • Deis
  • Teepo
  • Scirocco
  • Sumika
  • ArmorBot
  • Carica
  • Kugo
  • Shroom
  • Esplosione di lava


New Pack Celebration Campaign!

A campaign celebrating the arrival of “Dragons of War” will be held!
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Information on “Dragons of War” will also be released on the promotional TEPPEN Twitter account!
Information on “Dragons of War” will also be released on the promotional TEPPEN Twitter account!

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*Details describe game features at the time of their implementation.