TEPPEN 1st Anniversary the bonus event „Room Match Campaign“ will be held (specific language only)

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Thank you for enjoying TEPPEN.
In addition to the ongoing TEPPEN 1st Anniversary event, a Room Match campaign will be held!

Event Period

22 Juli 2020, 6:00 (UTC) – 27 Juli 2020, 5:59 (UTC)

Event Contents

-Chance 1
  •   We will give „Adventures of a Tiny Hero“ Pack Ticket ×2 to all players who play 3 times or more in Room Match during the event period!


-Chance 2
  •  We offer the chance to win „Adventures of a Tiny Hero“ Pack Ticket ×1 to 500 players in each period from among those who play Room Match 3 times or more in the following periods!


    Period 1 22 Juli 2020, 6:00 (UTC) – 23 Juli 2020, 5:59 (UTC)
    Period 2 23 Juli 2020, 6:00 (UTC) – 24 Juli 2020, 5:59 (UTC)
    Period 3 24 Juli 2020, 6:00 (UTC) – 25 Juli 2020, 5:59 (UTC)
    Period 4 25 Juli 2020, 6:00 (UTC) – 26 Juli 2020, 5:59 (UTC)
    Period 5 26 Juli 2020, 6:00 (UTC) – 27 Juli 2020, 5:59 (UTC)

      *Each player is limited to 1 chance per period.


If you want to play Room Match with anyone other than your friends, we recommend that you tweet on Twitter!
If you are a room owner, tweet the room code using “#TEPPEN_Room_Match” and seek opponents!
If you want to join a created room, please search for the room code on Twitter!


You can go to Room Match from Home Screen → Battle → Room Match.
To create a room, either you invite your friends or your opponent enters the room code displayed on the screen.
To join a room, you enter the room code.


*Pack Tickets will be given as presents in the game from early August to the middle of August. Please look for them under Present on the Home Screen.
*In conducting this campaign, we may cancel the campaign if we confirm intended or unintended frauds.
*Please note that the contents posted on this page and all conditions are subject to change without notice.


The TEPPEN 1st Anniversary Event is underway! Don’t let this amazing event pass you by!

Click here for more information about the TEPPEN 1st Anniversary Event ▶


We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.