Get lots of Zenny! „Level MAX Campaign“ will be held! (specific language only)

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Thank you for enjoying TEPPEN.
In addition to the ongoing TEPPEN 1st Anniversary Event Part Two, a Level MAX Campaign will be held!
You can get up to 1200 Zenny if you maximize the level of all Heroes.

This time, we also prepared the hashtag „#TEPPEN_DECK“ !
Tweet your recommended Decks and aim for rewards!

Campaign contents

Rewards will be given later to players who reached Hero level to 50 at the target date and time!

  • ■Reward 1
    • ・If you reach the Hero level to 50, you will receive Zenny x 80 for each Hero! (Up to 1040 Zenny)


  • ■Reward 2
    • ・If you reach all Hero levels to 50, you will receive additional Zenny x 160!

You can earn Hero experience points if you battle using Decks of each Hero.
The Hero will level up when experience points are accumulated above a certain level.
* No experience points will be earned in the „Hero Stories“ battle.
* Rewards 1 and 2 are also given to players who have already reached the Hero level to 50.

■Target date and time

As of 20 Aug. 2020, 5:59 (UTC)

▼Tweet with hashtags and aim for Level MAX together!

Let’s tweet your recommended Deck with the hashtag „#TEPPEN_DECK“ !

Tips for Tweets
Tip 1
Tweet with the Deck QR!
Tip 2
Like your favorite Deck’s tweets!
Tip 3
It’s also good to explain how to use it in blogs and videos!



You can show „Deck QR“ from „Home Screen“ → „Cards“ → „Edit Deck“ → „View Deck“ → „Show Deck QR“.
To read „Deck QR“, you can read it from „Home Screen“ → „Cards“ → „Edit Deck“ → „+“ → „Scan Deck QR“.



*Zenny will be given as presents in the game from early September to middle of September. Please look for them under „Presents“ on the „Home Screen“.
*In conducting this campaign, we may cancel the campaign if we confirm intended or unintended frauds.
*Please note that the contents posted on this page and all conditions are subject to change without notice.


The TEPPEN 1st Anniversary Event is underway! Don’t let this amazing event pass you by!

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We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.