About Rule Changes and Additions

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Thank you for your continued enjoyment of TEPPEN.

We would like to announce here that in 2021, we will be changing and adding rules to the game.

Rules Change and Addition Period

We are planning to change and add rules once the new card set after “A Dark Agenda” is released.


Standard Rules Change

The following card sets will be unusable in the new Standard rules.


The Devils Awaken
The Force Seekers


In addition to the card sets mentioned above, with the addition of each new card set, older card sets will no longer be able to be used in the new Standard rules, starting from the oldest set.

However, “CORE” and Basic Cards will always be usable in the Standard rules.


About the Addition of Unlimited Rules

To match the Standard rules change, we will be adding the Unlimited rules, where all card sets are usable.

After the rules are added, Ranked Matches and Free Matches will generally be battles with Standard rules.
You can play with Unlimited rules in battles other than Ranked Matches and Free Matches.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.