Here Are the Answers for “Teppen Drill -War of the Goddess-”!

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Thank you all for your participation in February’s “TEPPEN Drill -War of the Goddess-”!
Now it’s finally time to reveal the correct answers!

Answer Rewards
5 (All) Answers Correct
“Defying the Light” Pack Ticket x3
2 to 4 Answers Correct
“Defying the Light” Pack Ticket x2
0 to 1 Answers Correct
“Defying the Light” Pack Ticket x1

* Rewards will be sent to your in-game Presents sometime after the beginning of March.
* The “Extra Question” is not included in the correct answer count.

The three card sets tell the story of the “War of the Goddess” trilogy.
The new card set “Defying the Light” coming in the March update will tell the conclusion of the “War of the Goddess” trilogy.
Please look forward to the conclusion of this story in the new card set!

Check here for the story of the “War of the Goddess”!

War of the Goddess Episode 1–3
“Mission of Ruin”

“Breath of Resistance”

“Defying the Light”


Question 1

Why did Goddess Myria destroy the Brood hundreds of years ago?

To save the world.
They stole the apple she was going to have as a snack.
The Brood were planning to take over the world.
Their musical tastes were different.


Question 2

Goddess Myria fell into a deep sleep due to the opposition from Ryu of the Brood and his companions.
What did she conclude was necessary for “salvation” while sleeping?

Divine faith
Yummy snacks


Question 3

Goddess Myria uses the Mind-Control Stone to bring upon salvation.
What happens when this is used?

Your soul is led to the Land of Light and your ego vanishes.
Your soul is led to the Land of Light and is extinguished.
Your mind succumbs to a violent frenzy.
You fall in love.


Question 4

Ada Wong obeyed Goddess Myria for a certain purpose.
What is the one thing she did not do to stop the Goddess’ wicked plans when she learned of it?

Reveal the truth of the Goddess’ plans.
Guide our heroes to the Land of Illusion.
Have Karin form the Resistance.
Negotiate with the Striders.


Question 5

The resistance discovered Goddess Myria in the Land of Illusion.
What is the name of the vehicle used to infiltrate the Land of Illusion?

Death Rogumer 2
Depth Remugor 2
Kushala Daora
Honda Tadakatsu


Extra Question

Felyne was turned into one of the Goddess’ believers by the Mind-Control Stone.
Other than the resistance, who helped Felyne in the Land of Light?

Cyber Peacock