Ver.3.1.5 Update Notification

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We have released the Ver. 3.1.5 update! Please update your app from the store!
* Click here for notes regarding the update.


Update Details


The Soul Shop is Here! [UPDATE]

A shop where you can exchange Souls for various items is open!!
We’ll be putting Hero Skins, additional Music you can play during battles, the new item Secret Sphere and many other items on sale!
Additionally, the first Secret Sphere will be on sale for one Soul, available once per player!
Check out the items you can get by going to the Home Screen → Shop → Soul Shop!
* You can learn more about the Soul Shop here.


A Special Design For “Wall Jump (COR 072)” Present! [UPDATE]

The Secret Card “Wall Jump (COR 072)” will be given to all TEPPEN players as a present!
With the Extra Prize of Card Art Selection from the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020, the winner kuran and the development team have worked together, to make a new illustration for a special card!
Use this card in battles and have even more fun!
* Click here for details.



Easter Campaign! [UPDATE]

We will be holding an Easter Campaign where you can get items like “Easter Event Pack” Pack Tickets!
* Campaign details can be found here.



Balance Changes!

▲Details can be found here



New Ranked Match “V”!

The new Ranked Match “V” is underway!
Aim for the top in the Ranked Match and get Emblems!

* Learn more about Ranked Matches here!
* Learn more about 2021 Tour Points here!


■ Cautionary Notes Regarding Ranked Matches
*The final ranking places are calculated and determined at the end of the period. The rankings displayed during the event are temporary and may differ from the final ranking places.
*If two players have the same number of points, ranking will instead be determined by the number of victories and the number of battles.
*The following actions are prohibited. Players who are found to have committed any of these actions are subject to being removed from the rankings.
 ・Tampering with data or utilizing unfair programs or exploits
 ・Using unsupported devices or unofficial operating systems
 ・Using inappropriate names that violate public morality
 ・Manipulating your wins and losses through collusion with other players or utilizing multiple accounts
 ・Violating Terms of Service
 ・Any other actions the management team deems inappropriate
Additionally, other measures such as account suspension may be taken. Please do not engage in any of these behaviors.



Other Changes [UPDATE]

  • Battle Matchmaking Adjustments

After an opponent has been confirmed, if a battle cannot be started due to the connection status or the app shutting down, the battle will be rendered invalid.

  • Changes to Some Game Text
  • Some bugs have been fixed.
  • Some visual aspects will be changed.
  • Some aspects of UI, behavior, and communication processing will been updated.



■ Notes Regarding the Update
* After the update, you will not be able to view battle replays from previous versions.
* After the update, Match Records in the TEPPEN Ch. will become temporarily unavailable.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN!