Asia Release Commemoration! “CORE” Pack Ticket Presents!

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Service has started in 11 regions in Asia with the Version 1.1 update!
To commemorate the Asia release, we are distributing the following items!
Receive them in Presents on the Home Screen.

– Distributed Item
“CORE” Pack Tickets x 20

– Distribution Period
8/7 21:00 ~ 8/31 23:59 (PT)
8/8 4:00 ~ 9/1 6:59 (UTC)

– Affected Users
Players that began playing TEPPEN after 8/7 21:00(PT), 8/8 4:00(UTC)

Combine it with the “CORE” Card Pack anniversary presents (“CORE” Pack Tickets) x10 for a total of 30 “Core” Pack Tickets.

Purchasing 30 card packs will max out Legendary Recharge, guaranteeing that 1 legendary card can be acquired.
Use this opportunity to get a Legendary card and enjoy using it in battle.

*”CORE” Pack Ticket is an item that allows you to purchase Core Card Packs.
*If you acquire a legendary card before maxing out your Legendary Charge gauge, the gauge will reset itself.

*Please click here to view which regions were added to services this time.

We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.