Information on a New Hero and a New Card Set!

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Thank you for enjoying TEPPEN.

As we announced in the game on April 2, in an effort to cooperate with Japan’s efforts to limit the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we are making changes to the game’s daily operations.
The workplace environment for game development has been significantly affected, and as a result, we are not able to provide sufficient information on events and updates to our users.
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding.

At the moment, we are planning to add a new hero and a new card set in July. In addition, at this time, we are pleased to announce the key visuals of the new hero and card set to the users who are looking forward to them as follow.


TEPPEN Update Information

The new hero Felyne from the “Monster Hunter” series will be joining the battle!

Along with this new hero, a new card set featuring the grand adventures of Felyne will be released!
Go on an adventure with this tiny hero!


In addition, the contents concerning both the hero arts of the new hero Felyne and the new card set will be announced in June.
* Please note that the schedule may change depending on the situation.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.