2.5 Year Anniversary Campaign!

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Campaign Details

Campaign Schedule

The 2.5 Year Anniversary Campaign will continue in February!

▼ Notes Regarding the Season Pass

Purchase a season pass to receive various extras over the course of the season.
A season pass may be purchased by going to Home Screen → Shop → Purchase Season Pass.
* This season pass’ max period of validity (from the time it goes on sale to the end of the period of validity) is approximately 2 months.
* Please check the season pass extras and period of validity before purchase.
* Season passes will become invalid past their period of validity, regardless of when they were purchased or the state of use.
* Season pass missions will be added in stages, but the total number of missions will not change regardless of when the season pass is purchased.
* Season pass missions must be completed after the season pass is purchased and the missions are added. Fulfilling their conditions prior to purchase or addition will not result in completion.


[Limited Time] 5 Songs Chosen Through the Soul Shop Music Survey Have Been Added!

Thank you for enthusiastically voting in the Soul Shop Music Survey held to commemorate our second anniversary!

Following the Countdown and NEW YEAR Campaign, 5 songs have been added to the Soul Shop!
As part of our second anniversary plan, the normal cost of 5000 Souls will be reduced to 4000 Souls!
Enjoy TEPPEN with your favorite songs!

Product Name Price
Theme of ZERO (from Rockman X) – Mega Man Zero
4000 Souls
Lunatic Ray – Devil May Cry 5
Devils Never Cry (Ending Credits) – Devil May Cry 3
Silver Bullet – Devil May Cry 5
Splendiferous Silver Sovereign – Velkhana – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne


2.5 Year Anniversary Celebration! A Special Lineup Filled With Gratitude!

There will be limited-time Jewel items and special packs!
Please check it out!


<Coordination> Campaign!

Utilize cards with the new ability <Coordination> introduced in the new pack, “Breath of Resistance”!
Rewards will be distributed to all users at a later date depending on the total usage amount during this period!
The more uses, the greater the rewards! Work together with everyone and use <Coordination> to put a stop to Goddess Myria’s wicked plans!

We will be announcing each target goal reached on Twitter! Be sure to follow @PlayTeppen!
We will be announcing each target goal on Twitter! Be sure to follow @PlayTeppen!



Total Usage Amount Rewards
50,000 times
Zenny x100
100,000 times
“The Resistance’s Request (BOR 016)” x1
200,000 times
“Breath of Resistance” Pack Ticket x1
400,000 times
“Three Sages’ Guidance (BOR 058)” x1
600,000 times
“Breath of Resistance” Pack Ticket x1

Duplicate rewards can be received depending on the total number of uses.

Applicable Battles

– Ranked Match
– Point Match

* Please be aware that battles other than the ones listed above will not be counted for the Campaign.


Applicable Cards

Cards with <Coordination> will be displayed when searched for by going in-game to Home Screen → Cards → View/Reap/Craft Cards → Ability List.


Cautionary Notes

* Rewards will be sent to your in-game Presents sometime in early February. Claim them in Presents on the Home Screen.
* In implementing this Campaign, we may suspend the Campaign at any time if unintentional fraud is found.
* The content of this page is subject to change without prior notice. Please be aware of this.

■ Notes regarding Presents
* Login bonuses can be claimed by logging in after completing the tutorial.
* Received presents will be sent to the Present Box.
* Presents will be lost if not claimed within 30 days.
* Check in-game for more details.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.