Regarding Balance Changes

Last updated : Jan. 26, 2020, 23:00 (PT)

Published : Jan. 26, 2020, 23:00 (PT)

The following balance adjustments will be made in the version 2.1update.

From the development team

Thank you for your continued enjoyment of playing TEPPEN.

We are committed to encouraging a wide variety of useful decks and strategies that players can create by combining Hero Arts and cards. We have gone through with some planned balance adjustments for this purpose.
As such, our hope is to keep the meta in constant flux, with even the most popular decks ever changing due to a large number of decks that can counter them.
However, a review of the game data since transitioning from 2019, as well as the high frequency of Hero Arts use and win rate of decks including them, has revealed excessive polarities and a high tendency for certain cards to be used.
In order to achieve a better balance of strategies, a balance adjustment will be made to certain cards as part of an update in February.

The reasons for these adjustments are detailed below.

*Cards affected by the rebalancing will reap the same number of souls required for their crafting between the release of ver. 2.1 and the release of ver. 2.2.
  • ・”Ada Wong (DON 054)”
  • ・”Sting Chameleon (DON 059)”
  • ・”Beltway (DON 052)”



Stealth (T020)

Makes a friendly unit unblockable.

Makes a friendly unit unblockable. (Effective for 1 attack.)

Reason for change
Units that this card has targeted are often hard to take down which lead to one-sided games, especially when combined with decks that utilize halt.
We have changed it from being a permanent effect to temporarily to give the opposing player more opportunities to handle it.


Beltway (DON 052)

[MP: 4] [Attack: 2] [HP: 5]
When played: If a friendly purple unit other than self with an MP cost of 4 is present, returns one random enemy unit with an MP cost of 4 or less to the EX Pocket.

[MP: 4] [Attack: 2] [HP: 3]
When played: If a friendly purple unit with an MP cost of 4 other than this unit is present, returns one random enemy unit with an MP cost of 3 or less to the EX Pocket.

Reason for change
This card’s effect was able to return many deck’s key cards back to the EX Pocket while not being able to respond due to it being a When Played effect.
We’ve reduced the range of its effect as to make it harder to target key cards and made it easier to answer.


Cards such as “Surge of Demonic Power (TDA 075)” and Hero Arts with high win percentages are being monitored at this time.
There will be another balance adjustment in March, 2020.
We will continue to take into account the effects of additional cards, decks and their win percentages, and game experience when moving forward with balance changes.
We hope that this balance adjustment and continuous balance adjustments will make the content of TEPPEN more enjoyable.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.