[Ranked Matches] Notifications of Removals from Rankings

Last updated : July 9, 2020, 17:00 (PT)

Published : July 9, 2020, 17:00 (PT)

We have confirmed that some players ranked in the top of the Ranked Matches "Ken", held until June 30 (PT), using prohibited means.
We consider such actions to violate the intended way to enjoy Ranked Matches. As such, we have handled the issue as follows.
▼ Response
We have removed users, who we found through research to have played the game through prohibited means, from the final rankings.
Ranked Matches are to be fair for all players.
If any players are confirmed to have done the below, they will be removed from the rankings.
-Anything that eliminates fairness or competitiveness
-Prohibited actions (such as using unauthorized programs)
-Other behavior deemed inappropriate by the management team.
In addition to being removed from the rankings, prohibited or inappropriate actions may result in account suspension.
In the future, we will continue to reduce unfair and prohibited behavior so all players can play Ranked Matches fairly.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.