The new season Ranked Match “X” begins!

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The new season will kick off with Ranked Match battle contents!

If you participated in the previous Ranked Match “Lioleus,” you will start from a rank based on the rank and class you obtained in that event.
Try to be the best as you battle through the new season!

Ranked Match Summary

Ranked Matches are battles held approximately on a monthly basis.
By participating in Ranked Matches, you will receive a reward when they end that is based on the tier that you achieved during the period.
Play a Ranked Match by pressing the following sequence of buttons: Home Screen >> Battle >> Ranked Match.

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■ Event period and reward list
Please check inside the game.

Other Important Information

*A temporary ranking is displayed while a ranked match is being held. Final rankings and results may differ.
*To view tentative rankings, press the following sequence of buttons: Home Screen >> Battle >> Rankings >> This Month’s Rankings.
*The following actions are prohibited. Players who are found to have committed any of these actions are subject to being removed from the rankings.
Additionally, other measures such as account suspension may be taken. Please do not engage in any of these behaviors.

  • Data falsification or use of malicious software.
  • Use of unsupported devices or unofficial operating systems.
  • Use of inappropriate names.
  • Other behaviors determined inappropriate by the Ops team.

*The contents and conditions of this page are subject to change without prior notice. Please be aware of this.

We look forward to your continued cooperation with TEPPEN.