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This article will explain about Tour Points; points obtainable through Ranked Matches.
*This page contains the details for 2020 Tour Points. Details about 2021 Tour Points will be released at a later date.

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1. What are Tour Points

Tour Points are accumulative points obtained through Ranked Match rewards.
Earn enough Tour Points to improve your ranking place! Increase your rank enough and you could win an entry to the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!

Additionally, there are other events planned to acknowledge the players who rank high in the Tour Points Rankings!

Aim to be the best in the world!

*There are other ways to earn an entry to the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 aside from earning Tour Points. Depending on the timing of when you earn Tour Points, there may be times where it will not affect your chances of earning an entry.

Click here to find out more about entering the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020.

*Details about the events to acknowledge the players who rank high in the Tour Points Rankings will be announced at a later date in-game and on the official site.
*Tour Points are reset in the following year.


2. How to obtain Tour Points

Obtain Tour Points through the Ranking rewards of the monthly Ranked Match.

Climb through Ranked Matches and reach Champion Rank to join in the Rankings!
Receive the following amount of Tour Points through Ranking rewards based off of your final ranking place at the end of each Ranked Match season.

Ranking Place Tour Points Rewards
1st 30pt
2nd and 3rd 26pt
4th – 6th 23pt
7th – 10th 20pt
11th – 15th 18pt
16th – 20th 16pt
21st – 30th 14pt
31st – 50th 12pt
51st – 100th 10pt
101 – 200 8pt
201 – 500 6pt
501 – 1000 4pt
1001 – 3000 2pt
3001 – 5000 1pt

*Tour Points that will affect your entry into the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 can only be obtained from Ranked Matches between January 2020 and September 2020.

Click here for details.

*Tour Points will be received once the Ranked Match season finishes and final ranking places are finalized.
*There may be events that reward Tour Points in the future.


3. How to view Tour Points

View the amount of Tour Points you currently have by going to Home Screen → Other → Profile.

*Tour Points are reset in the following year.


4. Tour Points Rankings

View the top 100 players with the most Tour Points by going to Home Screen → Other → Rankings → Tour Points.

*Rankings will not be visible while Tour Points are being calculated.
*Tour Points are reset in the following year.
*In the case of ties in Tour Points, different factors will determine the final ranking such as the highest place achieved in the previous Ranked Match.



The better you perform in Ranked Matches, the more Tour Points you’ll be able to receive!
Aim for the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP while enjoying each day battling to obtain Tour Points!

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