Ver. 1.5 Update Notification

Published :

The Ver. 1.5 update is available.
Please update your app from the store.

– Update Details

  • The new card set “The Devils Awaken” has been added. The new card set “The Devils Awaken” has been added.
  • The new hero Nero joins the fray! The new hero Nero joins the fray!
  • The following have also been added:

    ・Added a new Hero Story.
    ・Added new quests to Chronicles.
    ・Added new Achievements.
    ・Added Nero to Practice.
  • Changed Login Bonus Rewards[UPDATE]
  • The Ranked Match “Chun-Li” is now available.
  • A new Season Pass is now on sale.
  • Now available for download on the Amazon Appstore.
  • Adjustments have been made to some Hero Arts and cards.
  • Added sound effects to some Hero Arts and cards when they are used.
  • Changed Nergigante’s Hero Art “Change Form” to be activated only if your Hero has 15 life or less.
  • Added a feature where you may draw a new hand once before the match begins.
  • Changed Ranked Match specifications.
    Added an extra star that can be acquired by an A Rank player who defeats a Champion Rank player in a match (GIANT KILLER CHALLENGE).
  • Added new functions to Edit Deck and View/Craft Card, allowing you to search for specific card abilities as well as search for cards with those specific abilities.
  • When opening multiple packs, the pack number you are currently opening will now be displayed.
  • Increased the loading speed of News.
  • The “Past Battles” in Ranked Matches have been changed from reflecting the highest ranking place achieved to instead show the final ranking place achieved.
    The following Ranked Matches will continue to display highest ranking place achieved.
  • ・Ranked Match “The Beginning”
    ・Ranked Match “Ryu”
    ・Ranked Match “Rathalos”
  • Adjusted terms regarding data transfer
    ・Create Transfer Code screen (Other ⇒ Data Transfer)
     Before: Player ID
     After: Secret Code
    ・Transfer Data screen
     Before: Your ID
     After: Secret Code

    Only the term names have been adjusted. There is no change to the Transfer Code used for transfers.

  • Some text has been changed.
  • Some localizations have been changed.
  • Some aspects of UI, behavior, and communication processing have been updated.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.


– Please Note

* After the update, you will not be able to see battle replays from the previous version.
* After the update, the battle records in the TEPPEN CHANNEL will become temporarily unavailable.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.