Ver. 2.1 Update Notification

Published :

The Ver. 2.1 update is now available.
Please update your app from the store.

■Update Details

  • Balance changes to certain cards have been implemented.
  • Ranked Match “Albert Wesker” is now available.
  • A function that will display your Tour Point Ranking has been added.
  • A change has been added that will display your Ranked Match Final Ranking Place when your Ranking Place is displayed.
  • Communication processing during the battle has been adjusted.
    *There are no changes in the rules of the battle.
  • The texts of some cards and Hero Arts have been changed.[UPDATE]
  • We have only changed the texts. There are no changes in the performance of cards and Hero Arts.
    ・「Rashid(TDA 013)」
    ・「Bald-Faced Lie(COR 125)」
    ・「Bushinryu Awakening(DON 023)」
    ・「Juli(TFS 083)」
    ・「G(TDA 040)」
    ・「Plutonian(TFS 030)」
    ・「Double-Team(TFS 045)」
    ・「Gold Orb(TFS 049)」
    【Hero Arts】
    ・Hero Arts「Genesis」

  • Some text will be changed.
  • Some aspects of UI, behavior, and communication processing will be updated.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.


■ Please Note

*After the update, you will not be able to see battle replays from the previous version.
*After the update, the battle records in the TEPPEN CHANNEL will become temporarily unavailable.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN.