Ver.3.0 Update Notification

Published :

We have released the Ver. 3.0 update! Please update your app from the store!
*Click here for notes regarding the update.

Update Details


The new card set “天都ノ國合戦 The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni” is here!

The card set depicting the battle between Tokugawa Ieyasu’s Army of Light against Ishida Mitsunari’s Army of Darkness has been released!
Use your allies’ deaths to grasp victory!

▲ Details of the new Card Set “天都ノ國合戦 The Battle of Amatsu no Kunii” can be found here.



The new Hero, Oichi, joins the fray!

Oichi, from the Sengoku BASARA series joins the fray as a new Hero!

With Oichi joining, we have added the following:

  • Hero Story > Oichi
  • Chronicles > Normal Quest
  • Achievements
  • Practice > Oichi



We’ve made the battle screen easier to understand!

  • MP values after MP Alteration will be displayed!
  • Cards whose MP has changed during the battle will now see the changed MP value in the details window of the card!
    This will make it useful when using a card that targets a specific MP card, such as “Fate of the Unworthy (TFS 099)”!




  • Art Points and Art Cards will now be displayed!
  • Art Points and Art Cards will now be displayed during Active Response!
    The status of whether your opponent can use their Hero Art will be easier to see after Active Response is finished.




  • Points on the results screen are easier to understand!
  • How much points you gain or lose will be displayed on the Ranked Match results screen!




Connection during battles has been adjusted!

We have adjusted some of the connection processing to reduce connection errors between you and your opponent during battle.
The length of the attack gauge may change before and after Active Response and Hero Arts due to synchronizing the battle situation.



The new Ranked Match “Vile” is underway!

The new Ranked Match “Vile” is underway!
Aim for the top in the Ranked Match and get Emblems!

*Tour points will not be given out during Ranked Match “Vile”.
*Learn more about Ranked Matches here!

■ Cautionary Notes for Ranked Matches
*The final places are determined via tally at the end of the event period. The rankings displayed during the event are temporary and may differ from the final ranking places.
*If two players have the same number of points, ranking will instead be determined by the number of victories and the number of battles.
*The following actions are prohibited. Players who are found to have committed any of these actions are subject to being removed from the rankings.
 ・Tampering with data or utilizing unfair programs or exploits
 ・Using unsupported devices or unofficial operating systems
 ・Using inappropriate names that violate public morality
 ・Manipulating your wins and losses through collusion with other players or utilizing multiple accounts
 ・Violating Terms of Service
 ・Any other actions the management team deems inappropriate
Additionally, other measures such as account suspension may be taken. Please do not engage in any of these behaviors.



New Season Pass Available!

Purchase a season pass to receive various extras over the course of the season!
Purchase the season pass by going to Home Screen → Shop → Purchase Season Pass.
*Season Pass extras and period of validity may be viewed in-game.

Other Changes [UPDATE]

  • The timing when the effect of “when leaving the field” is activated under certain conditions will be adjusted.
  • Card details can now be viewed in the Rewards Screen!

You can now view the details of a card received as a reward by tapping the card!

  • Game Site Updated!

The following sections have been added! Please check them out!

     ■ New Heroes have been added to the WORLD page!
     ■ New Card Sets have been added to the CARDS page!
      ・天都ノ國合戦 The Battle of Amatsu no Kuni
     ■ New sections on the rules page have been added!
      ・Limited frequency effects that will be affected by the Seal effect.

  • Changes to Some Game Text
  • Some bugs have been fixed.
  • Some visual aspects will be changed.
  • Some aspects of UI, behavior, and communication processing will been updated.



■Notes Regarding the Update
*After the update, you will not be able to view battle replays from previous versions.
*After the update, Match Records in the TEPPEN Ch. will become temporarily unavailable.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN!