Ver.3.2 Update Notification

Published :

We have released the Ver. 3.2 update! Please update your app from the store!
* Click here for notes regarding the update.

Update Details


New Card Set “Ace vs. The People”!

The entire new card set “Ace vs. The People” has art that tells the story of the Destroyed Statue Incident!
Scour through the flavor text of the cards in “Ace vs. The People” to gather evidence on the incident! Once you feel like you’ve collected enough, take the battle to the courtroom!
* Campaign details can be found here.

▲ Details on “Ace vs. The People” can be found here.



The Unlimited Format is here!

Unlimited, the format where all card sets are usable, is now here!

■ Unlimited
The Unlimited format is a format where all card sets are legal and usable.
This format can be played in Room Matches and specified tourneys.
* Some cards may be restricted or limited.

■ Standard
The following card sets are not usable in the Standard format.

The Devils Awaken
The Force Seekers

As new card sets are released, the oldest card set will be rotated out in order.
CORE and Basic Cards will always be legal and usable in the Standard format.

Formats usable in each event will be as followed:

Event Usable Format
WCS2021 Standard
Tourneys Varies with each Tourney.
Ranked Matches Standard
Grand Prix Varies with each event.
EX Grand Prix Varies with each event.
Free Match Standard
Room Match Determined when the Room is created.

* The ONLINE TOURNAMENT and the designated Ranked Matches in WCS2021 will be the Standard format.
* Battle rules can be found here.



New items in the Soul Shop!

The following Music will now be available in the Soul Shop!

Track Name Sales Period:
Exorcizing Evil – Okami None
Lock & Load – Blackened Angel Mix (Dante’s Battle Music) – DEVIL MAY CRY 4

* Details can be found in the Soul Shop.



Updated Hero Arts’ Animations!


A number of Hero Skins as well as some Extra Skins have had their Hero Arts’ animations updated!
Check out the following that got updated and see which one you like the most!

▶ Updated Hero Arts can be found here.
Heroes Hero Arts
Ryu Metsu Shoryuken
(Evil Ryu)
Metsu Hadoken
Torrent of Hado
Messatsu Goshoryu
Rathalos Dive Attack
Wrath Awoken
Blazing Wall
X Heart Tank
Gaea Armor
Chun-Li Kikosho
Morrigan Aensland Temptation
Morrigan Aensland
(Night’s Butterfly)
Sweet Seduction
Phantasm Dance
Bloodblossom Blade
Dante Devil Trigger
Albert Wesker Uroboros
Bringer of Nightmares
Nergigante Spike Divebomb
Change Form
Jill Valentine Ultimate Weapon
Antibody Activation
Nero Devil Breaker
True Power
Hey, Nico!
Akuma Ashura Senku
Zero Fight Against Inner Demons
Felyne Shieldspire
Coral Orchestra
Amaterasu Thunder Edge
Oichi Despair, wail, and perish!

*Check here to see Hero Arts effects. *Check here to see Hero Arts effects.



Updated Arts Cards’ Animations!

Updated Arts Cards Animations!
Your Arts Card will change depending on the amount of Arts Points you have saved up! Once you have enough to activate your Hero Arts, it’ll glow!
Your opponent’s Arts Card is also always visable!



Categories now in the Tour Points Rankings! [UPDATE]


Tour Points Rankings now has three categories, Total, Ranked Match, and Tourney!

Category Details
Total A ranking that is determined by the Tour Points earned through ONLINE TOURNAMENT and specified Ranked Match.
Ranked Match A ranking that is determined by the Tour Points earned through specified Ranked Match.
Tourney A ranking that is determined by the Tour Points earned through ONLINE TOURNAMENT

* Tour Points Rankings can be found by going to the Home Screen → Battle → RANKING → TOUR POINT.
* Learn more about 2021 Tour Points here!



Share your Battle Replays with QR Codes!

You can now share your Battle Replays via QR Code!
Show off your amazing replays and your sweet battles with friends!
Create a QR Code by going to the Home Screen → Other → Replays → Share! There, take a screenshot of the QR Code generated and share it with your friends on social media!
Read the QR Code and watch the Replay by going to the Home Screen → Other → Scan QR Code!
* In the case of an update, Battle Replays of previous versions cannot be viewed.



Connection During Battles Adjusted! [UPDATE]

The connection during battles has been adjusted.
*Depending on the communication environment, you may seem that the behavior when using the action card has changed just before the end of the Active Response.



New Ranked Match “When Something Smells…”!

The new Ranked Match “When Something Smells…” will begin!
Aim for the top in the Ranked Match and get Emblems!
* This Ranked Match will follow the Standard format rules.

* Learn more about Ranked Matches here!
* Learn more about 2021 Tour Points here!
* The WCS2021 portal site can be found here!

■ Cautionary Notes Regarding Ranked Matches
*The final ranking places are calculated and determined at the end of the period. The rankings displayed during the event are temporary and may differ from the final ranking places.
*If two players have the same number of points, ranking will instead be determined by the number of victories and the number of battles.
*The following actions are prohibited. Players who are found to have committed any of these actions are subject to being removed from the rankings.
 ・Tampering with data or utilizing unfair programs or exploits
 ・Using unsupported devices or unofficial operating systems
 ・Using inappropriate names that violate public morality
 ・Manipulating your wins and losses through collusion with other players or utilizing multiple accounts
 ・Violating Terms of Service
 ・Any other actions the management team deems inappropriate
Additionally, other measures such as account suspension may be taken. Please do not engage in any of these behaviors.



New Season Pass Available!

Purchase a season pass to receive various extras over the course of the season!
Purchase the season pass by going to Home Screen → Shop → Purchase Season Pass.
*Season Pass extras and period of validity may be viewed in-game.



Other Changes [UPDATE]

  • Changes not to lose stars even if you lose to a Champion Rank opponent when you are at the Rank A in Ranked Matches.

  • Changes the layout of the “Options” screen

  • Changes Made to View Cards Menu Filter

Selecting “Tribe” in the View Cards menu filter will now only show Unit Cards.

  • Game Site Updated!
  • The following sections have been added! Please check them out!
     ■ New section in the CARDS page added!
      - Ace vs. The People
     ■ New sections on the FAQ page have been added!
      - “Steel Samurai Show’s (AVP 022)” Effect
      - “Victory” and “Maggey Byrde (AVP 057)” Effects
      - <Heavy Pierce> and “Maggey Byrde (AVP 057)” Effects
      - “Pierce Damage” and “Maggey Byrde (AVP 057)” Effects
      - “Danger Zone Report’s (AVP 095)” Effect
     ■ New sections on the GLOSSARY page have been added!
      - Secret Sphere

  • Changes to Some Game Text
  • We have only changed the text. There is no change in the performance of the Hero Arts or cards.

・Tag Team (HBM 015)

Some text in-game aside from what has been listed above has been changed as well.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.
  • Some visual aspects will be changed.
  • Some aspects of UI, behavior, and communication processing will been updated.



■ Notes Regarding the Update
* After the update, you will not be able to view battle replays from previous versions.
* After the update, Match Records in the TEPPEN Ch. will become temporarily unavailable.
We hope you continue to enjoy playing TEPPEN!